Detoxify Your Face

Good morning everyone! Today’s post is coming in a little late. I THOUGHT I had another one prewritten and scheduled for today but. . .I thought wrong. So, we adapt and fit in the time to write while we can. Which happens to be in between teaching classes and normal life.

Today, I figured we would dive into a little masking time with the Loreal Pure-Clay Charcoal Mask.


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Not Worth The Hype

Happy Monday everyone! I don’t know how happy y’alls is but I am ecstatic!! Christmas break is 11 days away and 9 days away for me. This year my mom decided that she didn’t want to cook or be at home so we are going to Tennessee for a few days. I am just hoping there is snow on the ground when we get there and with the way the weather has been lately, it might actually happen. ::finger crossed::

This past weekend we were BLESSED with 50s and 60s for the temperature. As most of you guys know, I live in South Florida where we have two seasons; dry and wet. And it is ALWAYS hot. I don’t remember the last time I didn’t wear shorts and a tank top for Christmas dinner. I know some of you are jealous but I would like to at least have to put on a long sleeved shirt every once in a while for it. Lol

Moving on to today’s post. . .I recently purchased a BUNCH of dry shampoos from Sephora. I am trying to find the perfect one. Because Casey Holmes is ALWAYS talking about the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo, I figured I would give it a go.


I didn’t even use it before I returned it. . .

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Murad Invisablur Review

Happy FRI-YAY!!!!! We have officially survived a week of blogmas! WOOOOOOHOOOOO! Are y’all as excited about it being Friday?! This week felt sooooooo long. How was everyone’s week? Mine was super stressful and full of waaaay too many things to do.

Anyway, on to today’s lovely post. We are going to talk about Murad’s Invisablur Perfecting Shield. I had heard sooooo much about this stuff and finally broke down and bought it.
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Burgundy Smokey Eye

Hey everyone! Welcome to day 7 of Blogmas! Omg! I can’t believe that we are getting through this. Slowly but surely. I have a feeling I am going to fall off after day 10.

Today we are talking about an older palette. The Makeup Geek X Manny MUA palette. I know this palette was sought after when it first came out and was limited edition but I still love it. This is the first time I created a smokey eye and I am so happy with the way it came out.

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Sunset Eyes

Hey y’all! Welcome to day 6 of blogmas. Just trucking along through it. Today I am bringing y’all this awesome sunset inspired eye look using the Morphe 35B palatte.


I know some of you do not like Morphe because of the drama with the Jaclyn Hill palatte and how they are being “shady” about nothing when things were changing. I was a little hot about the fact that they changed the packaging on the Jaclyn Hill palatte and that it wasn’t “limited edition” like we were led to believe but that is another post. . .

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