Small Steps. . .

Weight loss, dreaded words to almost any woman. It’s a necessary evil that we all face. Weight loss journeys are as different as the selection of heels sold to women. Some work well for some women, while those same keys don’t work for others. This is my journey. Every small step has lead to a bigger one. There has been some stumbling along the way but who doesn’t falter? (If you don’t, you’re not human.) 

I didn’t all of the sudden jump off the couch and hit my fitness journey at full force. (If anything I ran into a wall – head first.)  I didn’t do it perfectly to begin with, hell, I’m still not perfect. I screwed up and lost my way but found my footing along the way. It has by no means been easy. Life has gotten in the way but I haven’t given up.

So how did I start? I always had gym memberships, signed up for the personal training sessions they offer, bought the diet trends and the workout DVDs but guess what? None of it really worked for me. You want to guess why? Ultimately, I wasn’t ready to change. I didn’t want to change. Until you’re truly ready, nothing will work. You will not succeed. Fitness is completely a mind and body thing. You can’t just assume it will happen easily. You have to bust your ass.

Remember this is what I did. It does not mean it’s correct, that it will work for you or that it was completely healthy, because at times it wasn’t.

The first thing I did was start tracking my calories. I used/use MyFitnessPal. It’s a free app and it helps to show the macros you’re putting into your body opposed to the simple calories. When I first started, I did one of the unhealthiest things a person could do, I limited my calorie intake severely. 1200 calories a day. That’s insane. You never want to limit your body to that little calories. You need a minimum amount of calories a day when not working out and more on days that you are working out. If you don’t intake enough calories, your body starts eating itself. (Yuck!) Did I lose weight? Of course! But it wasn’t healthy.

I also started drinking meal replacement shakes for two of my meals, breakfast and lunch. Also, super unhealthy. While they do jump start your weight loss, your body becomes dependent on them and doesn’t know how to handle real food when you swap them out. On top of that, you don’t learn how to maintain your weight loss with food. (Don’t ask the shake name, that’s not the point.)

After giving up the shakes and the strict calorie intake, I found a healthy balance. I realized that if I put healthy foods into my body and moved a little more that I would see results. I have. At one point I had lost 30lbs. It was amazing! Then I got sick and after a year of dealing with that, I’m jumping back on the horse once again.

From all my mistakes I have learned one important lesson, don’t give up. No matter what, you have to keep pushing yourself if you truly want to succeed. It will be a constant battle but you’ll win in the end.

The smallest steps lead into bigger ones. You have to just keep moving.

– FloGrown Fitness Belle

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