Falling Off The Wagon

So, let’s talk about the one thing that no one truly admits, failure, rather setbacks. At one point or another everyone has failed with their fitness journey. It happens. Without a doubt it is not the end of the world. What makes you successful us how fast you recover from those missteps.

It could be as simple as not going to the gym one day that leads to not going the next and then the next, until it’s been two weeks safe you haven’t even realized it. It’s not a huge deal but once you realize it, you need to restart your butt. On the flip side, failing can actually jump start your weight loss if you’ve hit a wall. (Don’t count on this happening. It’s rare.) The point is, it is not the fact that you faltered but how you recover from the stumble.


For instance, over the past two years I have been dealing with medical issues that forced me to take medical steroids  I gained 40 pounds over the course of 6 months, my muscles ached, my joints cracked and I was constantly tired. I mean TIRED. During that entire time I TRIED to keep my workout plan in place and my food plan on point but it didn’t happen. My body hurt too much to lift and no matter what I ate I gained weight. (Medical steroids suck!) Without a doubt, I FAILED. Hardcore, like falling from a plane without a parachute to slow the impact down.  But that’s the past and that’s where it will stay.

Now, I am taking care of myself; eating healthy foods, moving more and trying to be good. (I have my days.) Ultimately, it wasn’t about the failure but overcoming the failure. I didn’t allow my failure to define me. Don’t let it define you. Your are worth more and are capable of a lot more that you could EVER imagine. Failures just show how badly you want something by forcing you to work that much harder for what you want. Plus through the setbacks and dominate your journey.


– FloGrown Fitness Belle


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