Eating Right on Vacation

Eating properly on vacation is extremely hard but it isn’t impossible.  There are ways to ensure that you stay on track even when you are away from home.


Today I leave for Disney with a few friends, besides packing my bag for the weekend, I am packing my food options as well.  Food is just as important as staying warm. (Remember I live in Florida and 60 is cold to us, so essentially I might die this weekend.)  Anyway, I try my best to stay on plan and eat properly while I am away from home.  Some of the things that help me not to deviate too badly are protein bars, fruits, veggies, protein powder with my shaker and protein packed into containers.

Protein Bars

The market is FULL of all different types, flavors and brands of protein bars.  There are two that I primarily stick to.  Quest Bars and Think Thin Bars.


The Think Thin Bars taste more like a candy bar and I grab for them when I am seriously craving something sweet, usually towards the end of the day.  They are a little difficult to eat in the morning because of how much chocolate is in/on them.  I usually reach for the brownie flavored ones.  They kill any sweet tooth in a heartbeat. (I know that sometimes these are not the healthiest choice but its better than eating a 100 Grand bar – drooling!)  The other protein bars I particularly like are the Quest bars.  I know a lot of people complain about these but for me they do the trick.  If I am running late I can grab one of these and not skip a meal.  I really like the Chocolate Cookie Dough (to DIE for!) and the Smores.  I have baked these and they become little crispy cookies, soooooo good.

Fruits and Veggies


This is the easy one to pack but you want to make sure you pack fruits and veggies that are not “fragile.”  I usually shy away from taking anything that bruises super easy, which is a good thing because those are usually the ones that are higher in sugar (not really good for you).  For fruits I pack apples, usually 1-2 per day, clementines (tangerines), about 2 a day (they’re tiny but oh so good,), pineapple (a small container from Publix), a bag of grapes and some strawberries.  The good thing is that if I don’t finish all the fruit as snacks, I can most of the time throw them into smoothies.  I try to ask the hotels that I stay at if they have a blender, if not I pack a small one if we are traveling by car.  There are small one glass blenders that are inexpensive and due the trick.


Vegetables are somewhat easier to pack and aren’t as temperamental as some fruits.  I usually roast some with Mrs. Dash seasoning and throw them in a container to take with me.  My go to veggies are zucchini, squash, broccoli, cauliflower and mushrooms.  Some of them are cooked, some are raw.  I usually take enough for two servings of vegetables a day.


This is another easy one.  I throw a bunch of prepackaged shake mixers in the shaker container and pack it.  You may have a small issue if you have a bunch of ziplock bags with white powder in it if you are flying.  While they are a little more expensive Cellucor has sample packs of some of their protein powders.  I buy those and pack them since they are in a sealed package.  I love the cookies and cream and chocolate.  To me, this powder mixes well with water and doesn’t taste gritty.

protein 2

The other protein I take is of course chicken and turkey.  I carry grilled chicken with me EVERYWHERE like it is going out of style.  I bring enough for one protein serving a day and package them in a ziplock bag.  Again I add some Mrs. Dash seasoning blend, grill them and forget about it.  By putting them in a baggie I can have a handheld meal without having to sit down and struggle with utensils.

As always, you may not be allowed to take prepackaged food into certain places.  Thankfully, Disney allows certain items to be admitted into the park.  I don’t have a problem bringing in most of the stuff.  Not only does packing your own food help you to stay on track health wise, it helps your wallet as well.  Let’s be honest theme park food is expensive as it is, so, it is better to plan ahead and do everything possible to succeed.


Have an amazing weekend!  Keep your dreams alive and as long as you keep believing it will come true!


– FloGrown Fitness Belle

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