Why I Blog

I thought it would be a good time to address why I started this whole thing.  It wasn’t something that all the sudden I was like “lets do this!”  No, this was something that I thought about for a great deal time.

I have always written.  Whether it was in school, for fun, or on livejournal (yes I was one of those people) to document major moments in my life.  It is just something that has always come naturally to me.  Yeah, I am one of those people that can sit down and write a 5 page paper in like an hour (go ahead and hate me).

I thought long and hard about the decision to start this blog.  Several factors were taken into consideration.  The first being my job.  When it comes to social media and the internet my job can hang in the balance at times and that is why I made the decision not to write about anything that happens at either of them. (Yes, I have two).  It just makes it easier for everyone involved. Plus I LOVE what I do and I would never want to do anything to jeopardize it.

Another concern was, would people think I am doing this solely for attention? (Yes, someone has already said that to me).  While I want people to follow along with this journey and be inspired by me, I am not going to die if this blog stays as small as it currently is.  Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to eventually make money off the blog and it to become super popular but I am not holding my breath.  Simply being realistic.


I found some inspiration in a quote, “take the plunge and forget the sharks.” So, I decided to take the plunge.  I decided that my sanity is worth more than any of the concerns I had.

I hope that my writing inspires people to want to change.  One of my friends sent me a message after reading my Vacation post that he gave up soda because the exact way I felt after the ice cream, he felt after soda.  It touched my heart and I was blown away.  It was an ah-mazing feeling to know that I inspired that one change with my words.  That is one of the reasons I write, to inspire others.


There are several dreams I have for this blog.  Another is to hopefully motivate them to want to change the world and themselves.  Whether or not you believe it, small, insignificant changes add up to huge ones in the end.  I hope that maybe one of my post motivates you to want to do something different and make an impact on your life or someone else’s.  Motivating people is an amazing feeling and you’ll get hooked on how good the change makes you feel.


But ultimately, this blog is a release for me.  It is a way to relieve the every day stresses in my life.  I HOPE that this blog doesn’t become one of those stresses.  So far it has been a dream come true.  The blogging community is super supportive, along with my friends, family and followers.  It has given me a way to breathe easier on a weekly basis.  So, thank you for allowing me to invade your worlds for a few minutes three times a week.  It is a blessing.

A selfie, because I can… =o)

Have a fabulous day!!!

– FloGrown Fitness Belle


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