A few years ago I wrote a poem about who I was (I’ll post it at the end).  It made me realize that I have a wide range of likes, hobbies, and that in the end I am a giant ball of contradictions.  It’s kinda fun being that way.  This is going to be a long post.

First the non “girlie” things of life.  I love to fish, hunt, mud, anything outdoors.  About three years ago I started gator hunting.  It is a rush like no other.  Thanks to my uncle over at Salty Cracker Charters (check him out on Facebook) I was able to begin this wild ride.  Gator hunting is not as easy as it looks but it is a ton of fun. It is NOTHING like “Swamp People” either.

I am telling you if you want to try something adventurous, go gator hunting.  You hunt from 5 pm to 10 am and it gets your adrenaline pumping.

The other type of hunting I got into about two years ago is deer hunting.  I was like most women and thought I could never kill anything but after gator hunting, this came naturally.  I will say that a majority of your time is spent in the shooting house/blind just observing nature (at least for me it is).  I am not one that just shoots something to shoot it.  It needs to be the right animal and I will only take it for the right purposes.  I have gained a greater respect for the great outdoors and mother nature because of hunting.  It is really quite beautiful to watch.

The last time I went hunting (January 2016), I actually did not harvest a single deer, the meat is from the previous year, instead I got to see an amazing sunset, squirrels chasing each other in a field and nature in all its glory.  It was breath taking.  It is moments like this that force us to stop and take in everything we get to experience and love on a day to day.  Hunting has taught me to enjoy life to the fullest and to realize how blessed we are everyday.

Besides hunting, I fish.  It was the first type of harvesting from the natural world I did.  I come from a fishing family.  We LOVE the water and go fishing as much as we can.  So from a very young age I understood what it meant to harvest a fish properly and to only take what you need.  We are definitely not one of those families that takes more than the law allows.  We want every one to be able to fish for as long as we can.  It is a great time and a bad day on the boat is better than any good day on land.

Mudding.  That is something that only a few people can actually get into.  Well, that’s somewhat of a lie, I know a bunch of people that do it but those who do not look at me like I am crazy for loving it so much.

Now, onto the “girlie” things. I love am obsessed with makeup.  Having it done or doing in myself.

The upper left is the only one I did myself.  The bottom left is one of my good friends and she is absoultely amazing when it comes to make up.  I love her to pieces and she loves make up more than I do.  But she is a badass when it comes to it.  The big picture was a few years ago and one of the artists at MAC completed it for me.  For a really long time MAC was my ride or die, but sadly I can’t wear a lot of their products anymore because I break out like crazy.

Traveling is something that I have always wanted to do.  I was able to travel to Australia when I was 16 but since then I was only able to travel around the US until this past Christmas.  I had the privilege of traveling to London, Paris and Amsterdam.  It was amazing and I cannot wait to travel again.


I also enjoy shooting, taking pictures of animals and scenery, going to the gym, going to concerts, collecting art and more.  In the end, I try my hardest to make my life full of amazing memories and people because that is what it is all about.  Loving every minute of it and making the most of what you have.  Be thankful for every chance you get to make a new memory.


I am a carefully crafted masterpiece, made over the years and worked to the bone.

Take 7 parts of Europe, love, hope and curiosity, throw it all into an indigo bowl, mix well and the creation of me is born.

Daughter of a fisherman with an intense passion for the sea and a hard working mother, preaching determination and drive.

Miami flows and ebbs in my crimson blood playing a calypso beat in the ocean of my veins.

Roots embedded deep into the limestone that built this outrageous city, reaching down for over 100 years, like a ficus tree breaking down all the walls in its path.

With the spirit of a take no bull Irish grandmother in my soul, reminding me that if someone doesn’t like me, I don’t need them in my life and to not follow the path but to blaze the trail.

Like the Everglades, I am comprised of a variety of animals for each situation; protection, defense, and to warn when danger is near.

Inside an alligator and an osprey live in perfect harmony, waiting for the moment they are needed.

I am a vertically challenged, vanilla colored, fire dipped, mission on her mind, head held high woman strutting through this amazing journey.

The song of my life that speaks to my soul has a country twang to it, picking up on the Southern traditions of loving the land and what is given to me, while making sure I always give back.

I am a traveler, whistling a tune of hope on a road unknown, searching for tomorrow.

– FloGrown Fitness Belle

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