Get Your Drink On


One of the most difficult things I have found about my weight loss and get healthy journey has been getting my water in.  I am a person who generally is not thirsty, so I have to force my fluids down.

The recommended amount of water for each person varies by the individual’s weight.

General rule of thumb though is 1/2 oz of water for every pound you weigh.  So, for me, it is about 87 ounces a day.  That’s a lot of water even for a mermaid.  =o)


There are several reasons why you need to get your water in and there are strategic times to do it as well (now, I have your attention huh?) So, first, water helps boost your metabolism, which means more weight loss.  It keeps your body hydrated (duh!) but it also cleanses your body.  By drinking your daily water recommendation, you end up with clearer more hydrated skin.  You also flush a great deal of toxins out of your body.  It also helps with fatigue and feeling full.  Drinking a glass of water before eating helps you eat less because you have less space to fill.

Now, there are several ways to get your water in.  One is a water alarm. There is a bunch of free apps you can download and set them up with all your needs.  I have tried several of them.  Most recently, Plant Nanny.  plant nanny

Unfortunately I got/get really annoyed, really quickly with the alarm going off every hour from 8 am to 8 pm or having to keep a stupid plant alive.  I can’t even do that in real life much less with technology.  Yes, I killed all my GigaPets and Tamagotchis while growing up.  I also get annoyed that if I don’t do it throughout the day and I enter all my water in at the end or at once, the stupid app tells me I am drinking water too fast.


The other popular method is by drawing hour lines on bottles of water.  It makes it seem like your are going to get your water in and it won’t be that difficult.  The other one is drinking 12 oz when you wake up, 12 oz with breakfast, 12 oz in between, 12 oz at lunch, 12 oz in between, 12 oz at dinner and 12 oz before bed.  There are a variety of methods to choose from, just choose.

Now, the things that essentially only matter to women (lol).  Making your water look adorable.  (Insert typical male eye roll)  Have cute water bottles, lol, sometimes makes you more likely to take it with you and actually use it.


I LOVE my Yeti cup.  It keeps ice for hours, even in the hot Florida sun.  I really love cold water.  The only downfall is I have to constantly fill it and it is not an accurate intake because the whole cup was filled mostly with ice.

The other cup I constantly reach for is one of my Tervis cups with a Bubba straw.  Tervis has straws specifically made for their cups but they are boring plain plastic.  So, I choose the colorful Bubba straw that coordinates with my Tervis.  Yes, they have to match (yes, I know that is insane) or I reach for my Tervis water bottle.  The only downfall of these is that the water doesn’t stay cold and it sometimes sweats like a sinner in church, even though that is the gimmick behind the cups is that they are NOT supposed to sweat.  Welcome to Florida Ladies and Gentlemen.

When it comes to what water I drink, I do have a preference.  Mostly I drink tap water (I know shocking), but, hello, it’s free!  If I have to buy bottled water because I am somewhere that I don’t trust the faucet water I prefer Fiji, Smartwater, or Zephyrhills, but like I said I prefer tap with lots of ice.  I also have an ice preference but I think I’ve shown you how weird I am already.

Whatever way you do it, just make sure you get your water in.  You’ll love the benefits of it all.  I promise.

– FloGrown Fitness Belle

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