Make Up Brushes

Like I have said before, I love doing my makeup but I don’t love spending a ton of money on it.  These are the makeup brushes I have used and what I like.  I HAVE NOT been compensated for this post, just my own personal opinions.



I have had these brushes for the longest (at least 5 years).  They are soft and get the job done but in hindsight not completely worth the money.  When I first started wearing makeup hardcore I was in college and MAC was ALL THE RAGE.  They were the only big name brand out there.  So, I didn’t know any better and I gave into the hype of this cool and edgy makeup brand. (Sigh, impressionable college kids).  Now that I have added more brushes to my arsenal, I only really reach for 3 brushes from MAC.  I reach for my 224 Tapered Blending Brush for eye shadow, 226 Small Angle Brush , and the 219 Pencil Brush.  I am not saying these brushes are bad, because they’re not.  I am simply saying there are other brushes that are worth more bang for your buck.

Real Techniques


I bought these brushes off of the recommendation of a friend of mine (Hi Susie!).  For the most part I like most of them.  The stippling brush I use every time to put on my foundation but unfortunately it soaks up a lot of the product I feel.  I don’t particularly care for their eye brushes.  The angled brush is too soft for me to be able to use it as an eyeliner brush.  I have TRIED to like the eye brushes, I just can’t.  To me there are weird shapes and sizes and they are not something I choose over my MAC eye brushes.  I purchased the Starter Kit for the eyes and the only one I use every now and then is the Deluxe Crease Brush and it is only EVERY so often.  I might grab for the Accent Brush but not often enough to say it is a daily grab.  I also purchased the Core Collection and I always use the Contour Brush for highlighting, and the Buffing Brush for all over setting powder.

I did purchase their Miracle Sponge and do prefer it over the Beauty Blender (gasp now).  The flat angle allows me to REALLY get close to my under eye water line and conceal properly.  I also have the Blush Brush and like how it is so big and fluffy compared to the MAC one I have.  I want to get more of these brushes.  I just wish I could try them for a week and return them if I don’t really like them.  I mean, I know I can do that, but I don’t like doing that.  I used it, I need to keep it.

Wet-N-Wild Beauty


I bought these brushes because of KathleenLights, home girl knows her drug store brands and if you haven’t checked her out, do yourself a favor and click her name.  Anyway, she raved about these in a beauty haul.  I picked up every single one I could find, yes, I was the girl that wiped two Walgreens stores out. (Sorry, not sorry).  I got them all because they range in price for 99 cents to $2.99 (HELLO CHEAPNESS!).  I’ll be honest, I didn’t have SUPER high hopes for these but OH. MY. GOD!  These are ah-mazing and definitely worth more than $3!  On top of that they are an adorable color, what girl doesn’t fall for a white brush with pink tips!?

Many of the makeup gurus rave about Morphe brushes.  I have wanted to try them for a while now but with the Wet-N-Wild ones being so good for so little, I probably won’t purchase them.  If any one has tried a brush that I HAVE TO try, leave me a comment below.  Hopes this helps!

download (4)

– FloGrown Fitness Belle

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