It lurks around every corner and waits to pounce of you, temptation.  It makes you want to jump off the wagon and DEVOUR all the goodies and deliciousness you are craving. You can’t give in completely.  Notice how I said completely.  You can give in, SOMETIMES or else you will fail hardcore.  

There is room in every fitness journey for a LITTLE treat.  If you restrict yourself too much you will most likely fail even harder if you don’t give in a smidgen every not and then.  There are several steps to make the misstep smaller instead of a giant leap into a vat of failure.

  1. Realize what you are doing.  Why do you want that treat?  How much do you want?  You might realize that you didn’t want it and that it is not truly worth it.  This happens A LOT more that you would think.  When we don’t immediately give in to cravings, they can go away and we feel better about having the willpower to not give in.
  2. Remember your end goal.  Are you trying to purposely sabotage your journey? (This happens all the time).  So you need to stop and think about what you’re about to do.  You may realize that your goal is greater than that cookie that you think is calling your name.
  3.   Think about the end result.  Is that craving worth the extra time in the gym?  If you don’t want to log the extra mile on the treadmill, you need to put down the potato chips and back away slowly.  They are not worth it if you are not willing to counteract your misstep.
  4. Try water first.  Maybe you’re not hungry or craving but ultimately need water.  Try drinking a glass of water first.  It might kill the cravings.
  5. Being bored is not an excuse.  Are you simply reaching for that brownie because you have nothing else to do?  Well, give yourself something to do.  Many times we participate in mindless snacking simply because we have nothing else to do.  Organize a drawer, pick up a book, go for a quick walk, just do something to get your mind off wanting to eat for no apparent reason.
  6. Find a healthy alternative.  Is there a healthier choice to your craving?  Try that before you dive head first into those pull pork nachos (yes, they exist and they are absolutely drool worthy) or pint of Ben and Jerry’s.  Always look for a healthier option.  Turkey Taco Salad (Homemade Taco Seasoning), so good and you can bake a whole wheat pita for a bowl or chips.  It’s not EXACTLY the same but it still has a Mexican flair and it is better than giving in.  You could also make banana ice cream or protein ice cream (Sarah Bowmar is amazing and a true inspiration) instead of eating the whole fat version.
  7. Give in to a SMALL amount.  Tried all the other steps and still want it?  Eat it.  WAIT! Not the whole serving, eat 1/2 a serving or less and I said 1/2 a serving not half a plate, bowl, or any other massive thing you could put it in.

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Yes, temptations exist but you have to know how to deal with them properly.  Always keep a piece of fruit or a protein bar with you to kill the sweet cravings and some nuts to kill the salty.  You got this.  You are stronger than your cravings.

– FloGrown Fitness Belle

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