Get Your Groove On

There are thousands of lists already complied for workouts on hundreds of websites but I have never felt that any of those lists accurately help me through my workouts.  So, here is my list because you can never have to many to choose from.

**Disclaimer** I have it listed by Pandora station and then artist.



I use Pandora because it’s free and hello, who doesn’t like free? (BTW, check out my girl over on Team Cheapo if you want some more free things. Hi MIRIAM!)  Also, I have this issue that I can’t listen to the same artist for the entire time I am working out, so, the variety on the stations is a huge plus for me.  Also, I don’t want to take up the space on my phone, I am living in “last century” with an iPhone 5S 16G, so we all know my pain. And I don’t want to carry an iPod with my keys and my towel and my headphones and my phone.  It’s too much of a pain in the arse to keep track of all that garbage.  Not worth it.


I love any station that get my blood pumping and that is mostly the Alternative and Hard Rock stations.  The ones that are my go to are Fort Minor, Theory of a Dead Man, Click Click Boom and Hard Strength Training.  The good thing about Pandora is that there are a few ways to look up stations.  1. Group name, 2. Song name, or 3. Genre.  I know a lot of people are like Spotify better but I find that Pandora is more user friendly to me.  The only thing that does suck is that it uses your reception.  So if your gym is like mine and is a tin can, you know that service is intermittent and depends on how your phone is feeling that day.  The other thing that sucks about the free version is that you can only skip five songs every hour and that you can only stream for so many hours a month.

Kicking it old skool

Like I said I have more of a station preference than an artist preference.  Using Pandora has introduced me to artist I most likely wouldn’t have listened to before.  As I mentioned before, some times my gym is that black hole of death for service so I do have a workout playlist on my phone in case of emergencies.  Below is the list of artists on that list:

  1. Candlebox
  2. Theory of a Deadman
  3. Nickleback
  4. Papa Roach
  5. Disturbed
  6. Eminem
  7. Eve 6
  8. Mudvayne
  9. My Darkest Days
  10. Shinedown
  11. Puddle of Mudd
  12. Saving Abel

If you have any suggestions on artist or song that I HAVE to add to my workout rotation let me know!  I am always in the mood for new music.

– FloGrown Fitness Belle

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