Exercising While Sick


For certain illnesses don’t do it.  Don’t even think about it.  Don’t even put the stress on your body.  When you are sick, your body is more concerned with fighting the infection.

You taking your sick arse to the gym and trying to “sweat it out” is most likely going to piss your body off and you’ll just be sick for a longer amount of time.  Is there a small chance that you’ll feel amazing and not get worse? Absolutely but that is not the norm. Remember MOST people are NOT the exception to the rule, they are the rule. (Gotta love how “He’s Just Not That Into You” logic applies.  Don’t know the reference, ladies? Find out IMMEDIATELY!)

Anyway, your body is using all it’s energy to restore you to a healthy state, don’t stress it more with by having to repair muscles too.  On top of that when you are sick, your tolerance, endurance, and limits are greatly reduced.  You have to listen to your body even more and take care of it.  Also, when you are sick you are more likely to become dehydrated quicker.  That is why every doctor tells you to make sure you put lots of fluids in your body.  If you injury yourself while you are sick it is going to take longer to be recovered.


Yes, your fitness journey is important but your well being is the thing that comes first.  There are things that you COULD still do while you are sick, but again, listen to your body.  If you are sick with a head cold (above the shoulders) then some light cardio SHOULD be fine but do not lift.  If you and sick anywhere else (below the shoulders), do not work out.  Your body is in attack mode and it is try to survive.

Have I worked out while I was sick? Yes, of course because I am stupid.  I felt like I was going to pass on the treadmill.  (Yes, I didn’t learn my lesson the first time.) For some odd reason I convince myself that every time is different.  I know, stupid.  I have almost dropped weights because of how weak my body was.  NOW that is the TOP of stupid mountain.That not only endangers yourself but others around you as well.  The gym is a super dangerous place when you only think of yourself, especially when you are sick.


Most of the time now when I have a head cold I will head to the gym but not to work out. I have learned that if I go sit in the wet steam room for about 10 to 20 minutes my ability to breathe is greatly increased and I don’t feel as dumpy.  I do this a couple times a day (if I have the time) and it seems to help greatly with my cold situation.  I do not try to lift weights anymore (it took a while but I learned) and most of the time I have an ear infection when I am sick so I don’t run or else I fall over or get super dizzy (thanks equilibrium!). I have tried hot yoga when I am sick and it feels amazing afterwards.  If you live in Miami, I LOVE Bikram Yoga (you can also check em out on Facebook).  The sessions are 90 minutes and even when I am not sick I love to go!


Your body truly is smarter than you.  It knows what it can handle and your brain gets in the way some times.  Remember that you need to take care of yourself first when you are ill.  You will still be able to get right back into a routine of losing weight and getting fight after you are better.

– FloGrown Fitness Belle


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