“Welcome to the real world.  It sucks.  You’re gonna love it!” – Monica, “Friends”

My obsession with “Friends” did not start with the show while I was in high school (ya, I am that old), it started over the summer when I wasn’t allowed to do anything but sit around.  Everyone has always gushed about this show, so, I dove head first into it and was HOOKED after the first episode.  I completely understand what everyone was raving about. I watch all the reruns now.  Here’s why,

  1. You laugh at EVERY EPISODE! No joke! Joey is always late to understand the punch line, Chandler acts more feminine almost every episode, Monica’s extreme OCD, Ross and Rachel constantly debating “the break” (they were soooo not on a break) and Phobe’s eccentric behavior.
  2. Every episode dealt with real things that every 20 something goes through and wants. (Relationships, careers, being broke, and normal mundane life).
  3. Their friendships make you value yours even more.  It makes you realize how awesome your friends are and all the memories made with those friends.
  4. How iconic Central Perk is.  There is hardly any episodes that did center around that coffee place and that couch that solidifies their friendships.download (1)

I will not lie, I cry EVERY TIME I watch the finale.  It makes me sad to see the end of an era.  As a person you become emotionally invested in the show and it’s hard to let go.

What’s my favorite episode?  Besides the finale, because I mean FINALLY Ross and Rachel get it together, I can’t choose.  I literally walked away and thought for 20 minutes but I can’t decide.  I love them all.

Any time “Friends” is on I have to watch it.  It makes my day a little better.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, you better go get yourself a cup of coffee and settle in, you’ll be hooked and binge watch. Where It All Began; don’t say I didn’t warn you.


– FloGrown Fitness Belle

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