Letting Go of the Scale

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There are going to be some really difficult things that you are going to have to learn on this journey.  One of those things is going to be letting go of the scale.

OH NO! The horror!  On any journey you have to realize that you are worth more than the number on the screen.  Trust me when I say it will take an astronomically long time to get over that little piece of technology.  Even to this day, I have a love/hate relationship with my scale.  For example I loved it this morning but tomorrow I might think she’s a little shit.  I love seeing the number drop and hate seeing it rise.  But who doesn’t?  Maybe some skinny dude who is trying to gain weight but most women cannot stand scales.

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It is really hard to remember that when you are lifting weights that of course the number is going to go up from time to time.  Also, if you lifted really hard you’r going to hold on to some extra water weight.  It has taken years and there are certain times that I still slide down that dark hole of “listening” to the scale and its dirty lies.

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It is more important that you gauge how much weight you’ve lost by how your clothes fit and the actual measurements of your body.  Trust me I know it is extremely difficult to break the the solidified “loving” bond between your brain and the scale but you have to.  You have to realize that you’re worth more than that little number on the screen. Trust me that you are going to have days that it feels like a slap in the face and days that it feels like a high five.

You’re eating right, exercising and watching yourself closely, doing everything you’re “supposed” to do but you decided it would be a great idea to have a number to your awesome work.  You get on the scale all excited to see your hard work pay off and BOOM there is a 3 pound gain.  You run the index in your brain of everything you could have done wrong and try to rationalize what just happened.  In 2.5 seconds your amazing mood has just sunk deeper than the Challenger Deep in the Marina Trench, i.e. 36,200 feet into the bottom of your soul.  Again, the scale LIES at times.

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Hence the reason I take progress pictures.  They depict weight loss better that the scale at times and they are tangible evidence that show your hard work and dedication.  I know this will not be an overnight process but once you do it, once you break that bond, you will be so much happier.

– FloGrown Fitness Belle

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