Let’s Get Honest

This is not easy.  You will falter.  You are going to have bumps along the way.  How do I know?  Because I am not perfect and it is a day to day struggle.Yesterday, I went to a play and promised myself I would get up early to work out because of the play, but let’s be honest, I decided sleep was more important than working out.  Apparently, that was a huge mistake because when I came to work this morning, someone looked at me and said “Wow, you look horrible.”  Thank you very much asshole for solidifying what I already thought.  Do I know that this is from not working out?  No, but it is one of the contributing factors that much I know.


Also, any time I go out of town for anything I SWEAR to myself that I am going to work out and that we need to stay at a hotel with a gym so I can make sure I do this.  Does this happen?  Hell, no.  You know why? Life happened, plain and simple.  Most times I am busy visiting with family that I haven’t seen in god knows how long and they are more important.

Am I going back to the gym today? Damn right.  Immediately after work.  I have my gym bag with me and I will change and head straight there.  You have to stop the excuses immediately before they will.  You need to get up off your ass and move.  Tell the excuses to screw off and bring out your inner bad ass to annihilate them.

images (1)

So what are you going to do? Make sure you take my ass to the gym and get this ish done. Stop being lazy. Stop making excuses. Stop thinking you can’t fit it into your day.  THIS is your wake up call you need to get your ass moving again.  Just so you feel better. Last week was the bad week and now you’re going to start this week off with a bang.  Meal prep tonight and follow your work out schedule.  You are back!

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– FloGrown Fitness Belle

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