Ipsy Bag Review

DISCLAIMER – This is my PERSONAL opinion.  Yours might be different and that is completely awesome.

With that said, I have received Ipsy bags for a little under a year and just cancelled it in February.  This service leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion.  Every month I would get so excited to see what I get and I was constantly disappointed.  I would see other people’s posts about it and would be SUPER excited but when I got my bag, it would be TOTALLY different.

With that said, my last bag (February), I received probably only one of the products in there that I would use.  I received

download (2)
smashbox Primer Oil
download (4)
Jersey Shore Spa Lip and Hand Polish
download (5)
TheBalm Mr. Write Now
images (4)
Chelia Lip Crayon


download (3)
Naked Cosmetics Eye Pigment


Almost always I end up giving the products away.  There were months that I would get stuff for oily skin when I marked the dry/very dry box and I would get oils for my oily hair. It didn’t make sense to me at all.

I somewhat felt that they haphazardly filled the bags and no longer considered what the questionnaires said.  While I understand that this is a HUGE subscription service, I think some more though and consideration could go into the processing system of what is sent to each person.

Some people LOVE this subscription but honestly I am not a huge fan.  I know it’s only $10 but I feel like some of the samples are super lacking in what they could be.

More often the eye shadows had TONS of fall out.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that is not Ipsy’s fault alone.  That is the actual companies but I feel that Ipsy should test the samples and send out samples that are of quality.  Again, this is how I feel, some of y’all could ABSOLUTELY love the eye shadows.

To me, the lipsticks most of the time have a HORRID smell.  For example, the Pacifica lipstick that was given a few months ago smells like a crayon and is not a flattering color on a lot of people.

Again, this is my personal opinion.  You might LOVE them.  Most people need to try them for themselves, so if that is the case, check ’em out.  You can cancel at any time. (That’s a plus!)

– FloGrown Fitness Belle

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