Nitty Gritty Nail Polish

I like almost every other woman likes to get her nails done but let’s be honest, its expensive after a while so I usually do my own nails.  Now I do not have time for a base coat, grow coat, two coats of nail polish and a top coat.  My nails get two coats of nail polish and that is it.  So that most likely affects the staying power of my nail polish but I shouldn’t have to go through all that to get it to last.  Just saying. . .


These are NOT my nails

I bought this nail polish at Walgreen’s because I needed a green to rock throughout the month of March but this nail polish is horrible.  It goes on super liquidy and runny.  It dries tacky after 4 hours I got dents in it from my sheets.  The color is see through and it was not what it looked like in the bottle.  I was highly disappointed by this one. The price is a little too up there for it to be such a crappy nail polish  It is about $8 a bottle.

Rating – .5 stars


download (3).jpg
Not my nails

This was the next color I bought for March.  I absolutely LOVE it and I love the foresty green it becomes on my nails.  I have a TON of colors from Essie and I LOVE their color selection but the durability of these polishes are SUPER lacking.  I painted my nails yesterday and they chipped yesterday.  The formula of Essie nail polishes are ideal.  They go on smooth, no bubbles, dries fast but they chip like crazy and the bottle ruins quickly.  Also, I think they could improve the size of the brush.  Their colors are true to bottle too. But alas, I will most likely continue to buy these because they do have one of the best color selections.  The price is about $9 a bottle.

Rating – 3.5 stars



Like most women, the first nail polish you are introduced to at the salon is OPI.  This brand is awesome.  The color selection is on par with Essie but the formula is a little better.  OPI does not ruin quickly and stays creamy and applicable for a good amount of time.  There is usually some separation in the bottle if they sit for too long but can usually be shaken back together.  The formula is a high end one and stays super creamy.  The brush is nice and big and does my whole nail in one swipe. My favorite color from them in Russian Navy.  It is this deep dark indigo blue. Price is about $9 a bottle.

Rating – 4 stars

Wet-n-Wild Beauty

download (4).jpg

I tried this nail polish line because of a review that KathleenLights did on YouTube.  For the cost (about $4) this nail polish is AMAZING.  It lasted a week without chips and it was a beautiful color.  I wore it the entire month of February.  They are super cheap and durable.  The only complaint I have is there is not a wide color selection yet but I still love them.  The formula goes on smooth and there is no tackiness once this hits the air.  The brush is the right size for application as well.

Rating – 4 stars

China Glaze


I only own one bottle of this brand but I love it.  I have a color called Fairy Dust (pictured above).  It is the PERFECT glitter to put over ANY nail color.  It is not chunky or too big.  It is the right dusting of glitter.  It makes any color sparkle the right way.  I was obsessed with this polish for the first month I had it and put it on top of EVERYTHING.  The formula is perfect and the brush size is just right to not make a sloppy mess. Price is about $8 a bottle.

Rating – 4.5 stars


download (2)

I received a MAC nail polish as a birthday present because I would not spend $20 on a single bottle!  I don’t particularly care for this nail polish or the formula.  For the amount of money that they polishes cost, they should have a creamy consistency.  They dry out really quickly and become thick and gooey.  They are nasty to me.

Rating – 1 star

Formula X

download (5)

I received this sample size in an Ipsy bag.  I love the color and the consistency. It goes on smooth.  Two coats is usually all you need.  It lasts for at least a week with little to no chipage (yes, I made up a word).  The price isn’t too bad either.  $12.50 a bottle.  I would buy more of these.  I have had my bottle for about 6 months and it has not changed in consistency and the formula is still awesome.


images (1)

I received a full size bottle in my FabFitFun box.  I got a color that I could not stand because it was not legible.  It was a great formula but the color looked like my skin tone and was not worth it.  I would like to try another color from this line.  They go on smoothly and the brush is a decent size.  Price is any where from $7-$15 a bottle.  I don’t think I would ever pay $15 for a bottle of this nail polish.  I don’t feel it is THAT high end.  I also received the Orly Nail BB Creme.  I LOVED that.  It covered the blemishes on my nails without having to look like it was actual nail polish.  I was smitten.

Rating – 3 stars

Butter London

download (6)

I purchased a couple of these and loved them from the start.  They glide on smoothly.  The formula is a perfect mix.  I have had these for over a year and they have not separated or gotten gunky.  They are still as good as the day I bought them.  They range in price from $9-$20 a bottle depending on the formula.  I have a regular and a glitter one.  The glitter one is a little patchy for me.

Rating – 3 stars

If anyone has any suggestions of colors or brands, please let me know.  I do prefer the darker shades though.

– FloGrown Fitness Belle

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