Fabletics Rundown


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Today I thought I would review Fabletics.  Some of you are like what the hell is Fabletics? It is a subscription service for work out clothes.

Every month they send you their picks for you and you can choose from those or any one of the twenty different outfits they have created.  It is $49.95 a month to buy an outfit but $0 if you skip the month. The odd thing to me is, you pay $49.95 if you decided to select an outfit but none of the outfits are ever that price. They are almost always more than that. Usually, there are not a lot of $49.95 choices.  It is more $59.95 and up. I don’t understand that.  Also, if you forget to “skip the month” they automatically charge your card. You can call and have them remove the charge but it is a one time only deal. Also, if you accidentally forget to skip and have a credit in your account for the monthly charge it can’t be applied to individual pieces, only to the premade outfits.

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For the first time you sign up, you get your first outfit for $25.  After everything, if you still want to try it, use this link to sign up.


This outfit was the most recent outfit I purchased from them.  I ordered it because the pants looked like Aztec print and as if they were water colored. They were not.  When they came in the print was actually tiny squares all over the place and the placement of the colors were just splotches.  Not what I had in mind.  The shirt looked adorable and had a low cut back (right about the bra line). Unfortunately, it CONSTANTLY falls off my shoulders and becomes an off the shoulder shirt.  I gave the pants away and the shirt I use a night shirt for the hell of it.

Another outfit I had bought was capri sweat pants, a t-shirt and a sports bra.  The sweat pants stretched out 2 sizes bigger and constantly fell off my body.  Even when I dried them to shrink them they would always stretch back out.  The material also felt super cheap.  The sports bra was an odd material.  It is hard to describe.  It was a cross between cotton and lycra.  It was hard to get on.  The shirt split on the seam within three wears.


I typically were a L/XL in compression pants and a M/L in tops.  I ordered bigger to be on the safe side.  Thank god I did.  The XL pants don’t even fit me.  I can’t get them over my big arse.  -_- It is a little discouraging, especially since I have lost so much weight.  The compression pants run small and the sweat pants run big.  The shirt was a little tight on my waist but overall super cute.  I just wish it would stay on my shoulders so I can actually wear it to the gym and out of the house.  The sports bra fit weird and felt weird.  I don’t know how to describe it.



As soon as the outfit above was listed, I chose it.  They were immediately sold out and it was put on a wait list to notify me when it was available again.  Needless to say, I STILL have not been notified. The part that baffles me is each piece individually was available but the set wasn’t?  Explain that one to me.


I still purchase from them every now and then hoping that things will change. I fully believe in giving a company at least 3 chances before I completely write them off.  So with that said, I am purchasing the items shown below in hopes that things have improved.  I will update y’all once the products come in.

This and army green

– FloGrown Fitness Belle

FloGrown SOF

5 thoughts on “Fabletics Rundown

  1. I heard so many bad reviews about fabletics. I was about to buy a top from them but it kept running out of stock, so thank God I didn’t buy one. Why would someone make clothing that is so cheap and such bad quality? also, kate hudson made a big mistake to be the face of this brand. ah well. Nike rules! 😉 I’m a fitness blogger on here too! xx http://www.tifness.com


      1. ahh yeaa! they’re the old season.. you could check discounted stores like we have sports direct here where they have old stock of big brands 🙂 and oh btw are you on fb? I just made a facebook page http://www.facebook.com/tifness check it out and tell me what you think! would be great to connect with you on there!! ❤


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