One of the most difficult things you will have to deal with while on your weight loss journey is comparing yourself to someone else.  You have to remember that where you are in your journey is always going to be different than where someone else is.


Theodore Roosevelt said it best, “comparison is the thief of joy.”  When you compare yourself to others that have been on the path longer than you, you diminish your own accomplishments.  Everyone hits milestones at different times and you have to remember that your path is completely different than someone else’s, even if you start at the same exact time. Everyone’s body reacts uniquely to them.  I know it is SUPER hard not to look at your friend and be like “damn, why am I not like that yet?” You’ll get there, just keep moving forward.


Celebrate all the little milestones.  No matter how small. I don’t mean celebrate with a donut, cookie or anything else that you really shouldn’t be having. I mean celebrate by doing something you’ve been dying to do or maybe buying yourself that new lipstick that you made yourself believe you could wait for. Set small goals and demolish them. You have to celebrate all the small accomplishments so that it sticks with you that you have completed it and how you felt completing it. There are days that I celebrate with lifting a heavier weight than I am used to, even if it is just for 5 reps. It’s still a celebration.

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The second I realized that I am who I am and my journey was my own, I instantly became happier. I saw that I had my own path to travel and that I was going to get to my goal.  It may not be today or even next month. It might take a year but I wasn’t giving up. Instead of comparing myself to women that had been busting their asses a lot longer than me, I started looking to them for guidance and inspiration. They were the women I wanted to emulate, not replicate. I wanted to have elements of their strength and abilities but I wanted it to be in my own image.

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I constantly take pictures to see my progress because I know the only person I need to “beat” is the person I was yesterday. I simply need to be a better version of the person I was. Remember that. Remember that it is not about anyone else but you. You need to shape and create yourself into the person that you want to be. I simply want to be a better version of myself and hopefully inspire at least one person. Kick your own ass, no one else will.

– ♥ FloGrown Fitness Belle

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