Classic T-Shirt

Hey y’all! Happy Friday and Happy April Fool’s! Be careful what you believe today. Anyway, it’s finally Friday and I am ECSTATIC. I’m ready for the weekend, like no joke, COMPLETELY over this week. Anyway, one of the hardest things I have had to find is the perfect t-shirt. I have searched for years. I thought I found it once before but then realized they weren’t that great. But now I have definitely found them.

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The Victoria Secret PINK Essential V-Neck Tees are PERFECT. They come in a wide variety of colors. They are constantly changing the colors so that there is a wide selection.  The colors usually fit to the time of the year/season. On a whim I decided to buy a couple of them because I needed some simple v-neck tees.  Around September I picked up 4; white, black, dark blue and maroon. I fell in love with them.

They are super soft and stretchy. They come in XS, S, M and L.  I can wear both the M and L. The M is fitted and the L is loose, so it all depends on how you like to wear your shirts. They are cotton so I do not dry them in the dry for fear of shrinking them. I did, however, accidentally put one in the dryer. It didn’t shrink too bad and stretched out after wearing it again. But they do not stretch out from simple wear. It’s weird. They are $19.99 for one or two for $32, so of course I always buy them in lots of two.

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My absolute favorite color is this blue color called “Venetian.” Sometimes, they do not have all the colors in the stores by me so I have had to buy a good amount off of the website. They can be found right here. There are more colors in the store than online too. It’s a little weird, some colors are only found in the stores for a certain amount of time and then they pop up online and some colors are only found online and then pop up in stores. I probably go about once a month to see the new colors. I told you, in love with these shirts. I wear them to sleep in and to work. They are chic enough that you can wear them with dress pants or a skirt. They are super versatile.

imagesAnother thing I figured out is that if you have to get a stain out of them and use color safe bleach or a product like Oxy Clean, they become more vibrant. I don’t know how. The tags are usually colored the same as the shirts because they are died once they are sown, but they do not run in the wash. They are light weight and thin, which makes them perfect for spring and summer. So, if you are looking for an awesome causal v-neck tee, these are without a doubt the way to go. Have a wonderful weekend loves!

– ♥Lindsey

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