The Truth

Happy Monday y’all! I know, those two words (“happy” and “Monday”) should never be in the same sentence but it’s a short week for me. I am flying out to Texas on Thursday to meet up with a friend, so I am super excited for no work on Friday! If y’all have any suggestions as to where to go in the Dallas area for Friday night and the Austin area for all of Saturday, leave me a comment. Especially for cool bars and restaurants. Momma is leaving her diet in Florida when I fly out so I want it to be totally worth it!

Anyway, on to the real reason y’all are here, “Make Up Mondays” FloGrown Fitness Belle style. Lol. As I sat here thinking about what to write today it finally hit me. . .the honest truth about make up. Brace yourselves, this is going to be a long one. Get your coffee, your wine or whatever else you feel like drinking and settle in. Because today we are talking about the good, the bad and definitely the ugly side of it all.


Most girls have enough make up to complete a day look and a couple different going out looks but with the rise of the YouTube star and the make up artists that use that as their platform, thousands of men and women are getting sucked into buying more make up than ever, don’t get it twisted, I am included in that comment. It is an addiction.  I am totally waiting for it to be recognized by the medical community, lol.

I don’t remember make up ever being this popular when I was younger. I know that there were not many stores dedicated to it, and Sephora was a place I did not dare step into because it was waaaaay too expensive.  Lol. Look at me now, Sephora is the holy grail to me and I die when they have sales.

images (5).jpg
Jaclyn Hill knows exactly how momma feels about Sephora!

Make up has helped give thousands of people the self-esteem that they were lacking because of their natural appearance. Now I am not talking about the girl with the perfect skin that just needs a bump. I am talking about the girl with the severe case of rosacea that foundation and concealer gave her the boost to feel better about herself and be able to go out in society. There are severe benefits to make up for every one and a lot of times make up truly gets a negative rep. It is not all bad. It has the ability to transform someone’s mood in an instant.

 images (4)

Another good is you have the ability to return Sephora or Ulta products with no questions asked. You don’t like it? It didn’t look good on you? It didn’t hold up to it’s claim? Doesn’t matter what the reason is, you can always return it for store credit or your money back, as long as you used your VIB card or your Ulta card. I will fully admit, if I don’t ABSOLUTELY love a product or feel that I found a better product, I will return it. I have no shame. At Sephora they don’t even ask you why you are returning it. I went to explain myself one day and the girl was so sweet. She said “honey, it doesn’t matter. Sephora doesn’t lose out at all. If anything MAYBE the make up company itself does but no worries.” It is awesome to not be scrutinized when you return something. Most of the time I don’t have my receipt, but I do make sure to keep the original packaging. Yes, there is a Sephora bag under my bathroom sink with ALL the product boxes. I didn’t do this at first but realized it is a lot easier this way.


Some times the prices are RIDICULOUS when it comes to make up. Yup, I said it. I totally went there. While I LOVE make up, I can’t bring myself to spend more than like $40 on a single product. The stuff that is $85 for a foundation, I can’t bring myself to spend that much money on a single product. Another bad thing is that once you buy a little you want to buy more and more to try it out.

images (6).jpg

Also, there are SO MANY brands and products that at times it becomes a little overwhelming. I love trying new products and lines but sometimes I buy something and just stick to what I know because I am used to it. It is difficult to branch out. There are so many new lines at Sephora and Ulta I want to try that I don’t know where to start. Fiona Stiles, Milk, Too Cool for School, Soap and Glory and so many more.  (I will be reviewing some Soap and Glory products in the next few weeks. Thanks to Ulta sending me a 20% off code. I wish I could share it with ya’ll.) Trust me I could list this til I was blue in the face. Also, you can’t simply buy ONE product from the line and truly know how well the product works. And when you do only buy one product and you fall in LOVE with that one, you want to buy ALL the products from that line. It is a vicious cycle. Lol.


The other bad is drug store makeup. Not that it is bad itself but the fact that you can’t truly try it out to make sure you get the exact match you were looking for. I have a huge problem of finding exactly the right match for me. They are also a little more difficult to return without a receipt. Target will not even consider the idea. Make up is label as a high theft item and they will not even issue store credit for them because they are so frequently stolen to be returned for store credit. It makes sense but there needs to be a little wiggle room. They are not even willing to use the card you used to look it up. I have yet to try Walgreens or CVS.


While companies do offer rewards, you have to wait and eternity for them to come out. Also, when they do come out you want to go buy everything because of that tiny little reward. I fully believe that Ulta and Sephora are in cahoots with each other. No lie, I got a VIB Rouge 15% off in the mail from Sephora and the next day Ulta sent me a 20% off in my e-mail. AND of course this was AFTER I went to both that weekend and bought stuff. FAIL OF LIFE.

 download (2)

Yes, these rewards are great but they are enablers. Lol. They want us to spend our entire paychecks on 5 items (I know that is extremely exaggerated but y’all get my point).

images (3)

Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and get SUPER excited buying it. But sometimes you forget what you have and purchase something similar. Maybe I need a better way to organize my stuff because I feel like “out of sight, out of mind,” you know?

images (1)

While I love make up, putting it on can be a pain at times as well. Sometimes I don’t have enough time to get it done and I walk out of the house without it. And those are the days I hate. I had a boss say to me, “put some make up on. We do have to look at you.” Things like that are the ugly side of make up. That people literally say the nastiest things to you when you are not wearing make up. My favorite is the “are you sick today?” No, bitch, I just didn’t put any make up on. The other ugly side is that you become so accustomed to how you look with make up that you don’t like yourself as much without it. I have fallen victim to this thinking but I have to remind myself of a few things; first – your face needs a break from the make up, second – you are more beautiful without the artificial coloring, and third – if someone doesn’t think you’re pretty without make up, your life is prettier without them.

images (2)

The final ugly is taking all the beautifulness off. There are days that I am like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I don’t want it to go away. It’s too pretty. I didn’t get a good picture of it. The struggle is real, y’all. The struggle is real. Plus, as much work that went it putting the make up on is about as much work as it is to take it off. Between the toner, moisturizer, eye cream and cleanser, it is a job in itself. But at the end of the day we all would do it all over again and do.

I hope y’all have a fabulous Monday and love the way you look today. I know I do.

– ♥ Lindsey

FloGrown SOF


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