Hey y’all! As I said before I’m traveling for the next few days. Currently I’m in Dallas and then headed to Austin tomorrow. Super excited. I love traveling.

 Anyway, along your fitness journey you need to stay determined and keep your goals in mind. Today my friend that I came to visit had to work so I decided that even though I was on vacay I was still working out no matter what. Plus, it’s leg day, one of my favorites. The hotel she is staying in has a hotel gym but they are not usually the best. They hardly have any weight machines and mostly cardio. Y’all know that is not my cup of tea.

I have an LA Fitness memebrship and it is an all gym. Which means I can go to any LA Fitness in the world. So, I decided to see the closest one to where I was staying and get my butt there. The closest one was 3 miles away. Pretty damn close if you ask me, if you have a car. I didn’t. I had a pair of legs. So, I walked my happy arse all the way to the gym to go work out.

I could have said “no that’s too far. I’ll take a rest day.” But I knew I couldn’t. I didn’t work out yesterday because I was flying, so I knew I couldn’t justify missing today when I literally had nothing to do.

So after my 45 min workout, guess what I had to do. Yep, walk my happy arse the 3 miles back to the hotel. Thankfully Dallas weather right now is goregous. It was breezy and slightly overcast which made the walk enjoyable. Also, made me think that maybe I could move here. It ain’t no secret that I want out of South Florida.

Anyway, you have to make sure you are determined to reach your goals and push yourself. I say it all the time, you HAVE to kick YOUR own ass. No on will truly do the job that you will. Every day that you see a change or someone makes a comment is a step in the right direction and you can’t lose focus. Plus the way I look at it, today I have an extra 730 calories I can either consume, which lets be honest, I’m in Texas and food here is amazing, or I burned an extra 730 calories. There’s always a positive side to a work out you didn’t expect or plan. Just continue to push yourself and your drive and determination will be embedded in who you are.

Have a wonderful weekend y’all!

– ❤️ Lindsey

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