Never Skip a Monday

An important thing to know is to NEVER skip a Monday workout. No matter how tired, exhausted, or spent you are. You simply can’t. It is detrimental to your fitness and health journey. Skipping Monday sets a horrible precedent for the rest of the week.

What happens when you skip a Monday, is that you begin making excuses for the rest of the week. You start thinking that you already missed one day so what is the big deal of missing another day or more. It becomes harder for you to continue on your fitness journey for that week and there is the scary possibility that it will spill into the following week and before you know it you will be back at step one in no time. Not good.


Not going to lie, I skipped Monday and I REALLY didn’t want to go to the gym on Tuesday. It felt 1,000 times harder to get the motivation to go to the gym the following day. Part of me really wanted to throw the rest of the week in the garbage. I know, a HUGE difference from Friday, when I was so motivated to go to the gym I decided to walk 3 miles to workout. Hey, we all have our ups and downs. Lol.

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When you don’t skip a Monday workout you are more likely to go the rest of the week. It is your own personal check in system. I know for me that if I go on Monday I feel obligated to go the rest of the week and I refuse to give up on myself.

Starting the week out right with working out, means you are more than likely going to have self-control in other areas. I know that if I am going to put the time in the gym it better count and I am less likely to consume things that are going to derail my progress.

Skipping a Monday essentially gives you a “get out of jail free” pass to mess up the rest of the week. You have a higher chance of being moody and having a crappy week. Making sure you get that workout in on Monday will immediately change your mood and make you look forward to the rest of the week and kicking its ass.

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Sucking it up on Monday and taking your happy ass to the gym will give you the energy for the rest of the week to continue to kick ass. Making the most of the week will make you feel like you have accomplished something and that you can do this. You can get through this journey and make it out the other side a better version of yourself.

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Always remember this, you are one workout from being a bad ass. Kick your own ass each and every day, no one else will do it for you.

– ♥ Lindsey


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