Colour Pop Brows

Happy Monday y’all! I have a problem when it comes to eyebrows. I hardly have any. Because of this, I have to buy brow products to fill them in and hopefully make myself look like I was born with some of them. The struggle is real y’all. The struggle is real. I have tried a bunch of different products and recently bought the Colour Pop Brow Pencil. Here are my thoughts. . .


They have two different products, pencils and pomades. The pencils are $5 each. The pomades are $6 each. SUPER affordable.

There are 8 different colors; ranging from blonde to black. ColourPop definitely has a mixed variety to accommodate any skin/hair tone. Know that when you order them, they do not come in the set up shown below.  These were the promo kits that were sent to beauty bloggers and vlogger, not me.


I was not sent a promo kit so I had to get the swatches from an online forum.

I ordered Dope Taupe and decided that it was too dark for my eyebrows. I feel that the color payoff is INTENSE for these and you might want to order a shade lighter. I am going to order Blonde and Honey Blonde in the pencil. Hopefully these too are a little better and not so intense that my eyebrows look like they have been tattooed on instead of carefully crafted.


I’ve never really been a fan of the pomades. For $6 these are worth the price. If you like pomades.

One of my complaints is that when you twist it up, you can’t twist it back down if you twist it too far. I also feel that this packaging is a little lacking. Don’t get me wrong I love the iridescent lettering but I kinda felt like I might accidentally snap the pencil in my hand.  I do like how the spoolie cap and pencil cap are interchangeable, that’s one of my complaints with the L’Oreal one.  I almost always smash the wrong cap into the product. (Yep, I’m a mess. Lol).

If you need a cheap color intense brow product, this is what you should try. It is definitely worth the money.

– ♥ Lindsey



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