Gym Etiquette

Happy Friday! Thankfully it is the end of the week.This one has kicked my arse because I took Monday off from work. Some how taking one day off completely screws your schedule off without even meaning to. Anyway, today we are talking about gym etiquette because apparently some people don’t know what you should and should NOT do when they’re working out.

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Re-rack Weights

One of the things that drives me absolutely CRAZY is those idiots that do not re-rack their weights. There have been several occasions where I watch guys pick up weights, use them and then leave them wherever they were working out. How hard is it to simply put it back where you got it from? First, it saves the next person from spending part of their workout looking for the equipment they need. Nothing is more irritating than being in the middle of a workout needing to change weights and not being able to find them.

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Another part of this is the people that leave astronomical amount of weights on a machine. Please remember that there are some people that can’t lift 45lbs and you leaving 6 plates of 45lbs on the squat rack is not nice. It makes it more difficult for the next person to be able to work out. I personally don’t have a problem with unracking a machine but I know there are other people that have a difficult time.

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The final issue with weights is that a lot of the dumbbells and preweighted barbells are too heavy to be picked up and when you just want to use a machine but there is a bunch of weights around it, it’s next to impossible because you can’t get to it. It’s ridiculous.

Essentially, just have common courtesy. If you use it, put it back. Clean up after yourself. There are no magic gym fairies to clean up for you.

Have a wonderful weekend.

– ♥ Lindsey



One thought on “Gym Etiquette

  1. I am a guy but I agree. The people that leave weights on the floor are the worst. It isn’t hard to pick it back up and rerack it. The guys who leg press 800 pounds and leave the plates on also get on my nerves. Great post!

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