Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit Review

Hey y’all! Stuff is about to get real on my page. Today we are discussing the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits.  The one I am specifically talking about is Dolce K. I will be completely honest with you about my thoughts and how I obtained this product. But, to be honest, this stuff is NOT good. Again, these are MY thoughts and opinions on this product. You do not have to agree with me.

First and foremost, the way I obtained this product was through a person I know. I REFUSE to spend money on anything with the Kardashian name. I fully believe that they are a waste of space and they are part of the problem with young girls wanting to grow up faster. I have a HUGE issue with young impressionable girls idolizing these girls because they have not worked for what they have. They are simply famous for no reason and people are inane enough to buy anything with their name on it for no reason. End rant.

Now that I have spoken MY honest opinion of who they are as people lets get into the nitty gritty of it all, the lip kit.

Again, I was given this lip kit by someone who purchased it. I heard that she had it and asked if I could see it and review it. Also, I only was able to review the one because that is all she purchased and I was not going to buy more.

IMG_9655 (1)



First the outermost packaging, the box. It is super bulky and unnecessary. The color on the outside of the box doesn’t really match what the color of the liquid lipstick. The box is way darker. I completely understand that the product and paper would be different but at least get it a little close.


The rubberized pencil makes it feel like Nars or Smashbox packaging. Super high end and cool. It feels amazing but without even touching it the top falls off. Most people would just throw the lip liner and the liquid lipstick into their purse or makeup bag and not keep the box. If they were to do this and the cap fell off, the lip liner would be totally ruined and everywhere. This almost makes it impossible to throw the box away. It was as if they created this problem so that they forced you to keep the box.


I like that the bottom of the lip liner has a color indicator. And the silver lettering on the side of the product.


Another issue I have is that the actual product can be pulled out of the pencil. I know for a fact that the person that gave it to me only used it once and the liner is SUPER loose. I could almost pull the whole thing out of the pencil casing without much force. Again, not good. Also, if I shook the lip liner down, the pencil came out of the casing. A liner should not move from its casing. That is the whole point of it being a pencil!


The liquid lipstick packaging is gorgeous looking. It feels super expensive. It is a glass tube with a glass top. I love the ombre effect of the black from the top dripping down onto the bottle. I love that you can see the color in the glass tube. The outside is really well made.

IMG_9658Unfortunately the inside is not as well made. The stopper on the inside of the bottle is too big so it essentially does not take any product off the wand. When you pull it out there is a whole mess of liquid lipstick on the wand and a huge glob on the pad. The pad itself is super fat and blah. It is really hard to outline your lips properly and that is probably why you have to use the lip liner with it.


Lip Liner

The lip liner is super creamy and pigmented. It goes only nicely in one swipe. I do feel it is a little on the light side for the pigmentation of the liquid lipstick but it does pair fairly well together. It was not highly pointed which made me feel like I had to sharpen it immediately. What is the point of getting a new product if it is not pointy enough to use? The crayon itself smells like plastic in the pencil but on the lips there is no scent which is a positive.

Liquid Lipstick

Let’s start with the positives because there are many. This liquid lipstick is HIGHLY pigmented. One swipe shows how much coverage and opaque it is. It is a beautiful color and dries down, although, it does take several minutes to do so. Glides on smooth and lays beautifully. It dries darker that the color in the tube but not as dark as the color on the box. One major positive is that is does not feather on the lips. It is definitely a matte. There is no shine or gloss at all to this product.



The one HUGE downfall of this product is that is smells AWFUL. Everyone has described the smell to be cake or candy like but to me it is a sickly sweet. I had the swatch on my hand yesterday for about 4 hours and it still REEKED. I could not even bring myself to wear it on my lips for that long because it was right by my nose and it absolutely TURNED my stomach. The other issue I noticed was that it flakes off instead of lightly rubbing off. So if you are eating you are going to get patchy on your lips. Also, it take A LOT of scrubbing to get it off and it stained my skin.



I fully believe this product is not worth the hype or the price. There could have been more quality control when it came to making sure the top would stay on the lip liner or that the stopper was small enough to actually clean the wand off. I don’t want to make assumptions but from what I can see, this product was released way to early and there are too many issues with it. I understand that this is the first formulation but I would think if someone was going to put their name on a product they would want it to be a stellar product that they would be proud of. To me this product is a disgrace. There are better products on the market.

Simply comparing swatches online, ColourPop has an ultra satin liquid lipstick called “Mess Around” that is identical in color and instead of spending $30, it is only $6. Add in a lip liner from them and you are at $11.

They also have an ultra matte lip called “Teeny Tiny” that is a dupe for this item as well.



They both have matching lip pencils. I would head over to them instead. On top of that, when you first sign up with them they give you a $10 credit. So, know you are only paying shipping. Have a wonderful Wednesday y’all!

– ♥ Lindsey



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