Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review

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Hey y’all! Happy Monday and Happy Memorial Day! I know I am taking complete advantage of having the day off. I tried out a couple new recipes, one of them will be up on Wednesday, only because I didn’t take pictures of the one. So, y’all will have to wait for the other one. Sorry!

Today we are talking about the highly sought after Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. As soon as I saw this palette online I was in love. Unfortunately, I was unable to get this palette when it first released and I was crushed to learn that there was a high possibility of this palette not coming back out. Let me tell ya, your girl was calling multiple Ulta’s and Sephora’s to find out when and if they were getting anymore. Hell, I even called an Ulta in a different state because my best friend was going there and asked what I wanted her to bring me home. A little obsessed much? Lol. Just a little.


I was finally able to get this amazing palette from my local Ulta. They only received 20 palettes and it was one per person and the staff was not allowed to buy it! I left work during lunch and ran to make sure I was able to get it. Thankfully, I was. Let’s get into this beauty.

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Gator Hunting

This is one of those random posts again. Today we are going to discuss one of my favorite things to do. . .gator hunting. Let me say that if you have an issue with people who harvest animals please stop reading now. Sorry, we all have different things that we enjoy and this is one of the ones that I do. I have friends that can’t stand that I harvest animals but we simply agree to disagree. You can do the same and I will be perfectly fine with that. I am going to talk about my very first time gator hunting.


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Salad – it LIES

Hey y’all! It’s Thursday and the week is almost over! Thank god. Let me not pretend that I had an overly stressful work. I literally worked 3 out of the 5 days. How I wish it could be like that every week! I know, I know, I am living in a dream world. Lol. Anyway, today we are talking about how salads are not as healthy as they appear to be. They are actually filled with a TON of hidden calories. Why does this matter? Because we are living a lie and thinking that eating salads makes us healthy!

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Beautylish Review

Hey y’all! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! I know I did. I got to travel to Orlando with my mom for one of my best friend’s baby shower. We don’t get to see each other since she moved but I always jump at the chance to go see her. It is also always nice to get away for the weekend and unwind.

Anyway, today’s post is dedicated to the amazing site known as¬†Beautylish! They carry those rare brands that are sometimes hard to find in the stores or get them shipped to the States.

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Hey y’all! I know, I know, I start off every post the same but that’s me. Lol. Anyway, today’s post is completely devoted to theBalm. A few weeks ago they updated their website and had a 50% off everything¬†flash sale. You know I jumped on that with the quickness. Lol. Trust me, I wanted to buy a lot more than I did but I had to restrain myself. Lol

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nuts ‘n more Protein Truffles

Hey y’all! Sorry this post is going up late. I know, I know, my schedule has been all types of wonky. I feel like I tell y’all sorry all the time. Lol. But such is life. Well, today I’m raving about these amazing protein truffles from nuts ‘n more. They are no joke. I swear to heaven that they taste exactly like a Reese Peanut Butter cup but with a little more peanut butter in them.


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