Ray Ban Erika Review

Hey y’all! Happy, happy, HAPPY Friday! I don’t know about y’all but this week has been DIFFICULT! I mean the type of week that I want to pack all my crap, throw all electronic devices away, leave and NEVER come back. I need some sun, salt and good music on a boat this weekend to unwind and decompress. I just keep telling myself I can get through it all and what doesn’t kill me will without a doubt make me stronger.

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Anyway, the reason why we are here, the Ray Ban Erika sunglasses! These beauties speak to me and make me so so happy.


Ray Ban Erika Sunnies


I went with my best friend to the eye doctor and I started randomly trying on sunglasses while we were there. Don’t judge me, we were there for at least two hours. I tried these on and fell. in. love. They were the perfect shape, color, and weight. But let me tell you, the price tag was not something I fell in love with. At the eye doctor and normally they are $130 a pair. I knew that I could score these cheaper on eBay and that is exactly what I did. I got these bad boys for $65, do the math, that’s 50% off. SCORE!



The frames are themselves are a rubberized plastic. The easiest thing to compare them to is the Nars packaging, I know that the guys have NO idea what I am talking about. Lol. But they feel smooth and buttery. They are super light weight. Most of the time I have a problem with frames being too heavy on my nose and causing a migraine. Not with these, I can wear them all day and not have a problem at all. The legs are lightweight metal and the ear pieces are the same material as the lens frames.



The lens are gradient black. They fade from the darkest color on the top to lightest on the bottom. They have the perfect amount of protection in the sun. Sometimes with gradient glasses they don’t protect your eyes completely from the sun but these are amazing. I don’t squint behind my lens.



These glasses are my new go to. I absolutely love them. So much so that I am trying to get another pair of them in the grey color because these are amazing. I mean look at them in the picture, simply awesome. Have a wonderful weekend y’all. I’ll talk to you guys on Monday, hopefully in a better place and mind set. Time to unwind.


– ♥ Lindsey


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