Press On Nails (WHAT?!)

Hey y’all! Happy Monday. First, I am so sorry I did not post on Friday. Things are crazy at this point. I wanted to write SO badly, my hands were twitching because I couldn’t, not really but you get the idea. Moving on. . . I constantly see these at the drug store and they always intrigue me. I have wanted to take these for a spin for a long time but finally decided to spend the $9 and bite the bullet. Today we are talking about tried and true PRESS ON NAILS! Yes, you read that right. I spent my hard earned money on real peel and stick press on nails. Oh yes boo! I didn’t even spring for the ones that come with the glue. I stuck to the stickers.


There were several different varieties but I decided to go with one that I thought would look the most “natural” because lets face it, this is not natural. Lol. I also decided that if I put mutiple patterns on my hands that it would look even less “natural.” So, I chose to use all the white nails with one accent nail. There is enough in the package to most likely get two sets out of it.


First this is first, this is truly what my hands and nails looked like before trying these. All my life I have had an issue with my nails being super thin and peeling like crazy. I have tried to wear acrylics but they BOTHER the crap out of me because I FEEL them pulling at my nails and always bite them off. Yup, you read that right, BITE. THEM. OFF.



  • Fit the nails to your nails with the sticker protector still on.

As you can see with the picture with the chevron nails there is a small gap next to the cuticle. With the white nail, you can see that my natural nails were too long for these press ons. So, I decided to cut all my nails down which was a very hard decision to make. My nails take forever to grow, get to a certain length and then break half way down into my nail bed (OUCH!) but for this it was a must to snip them all off.

  • Wash your hands with soap and water to make sure you have removed the oils from your hands to not mess with the stickers.


  • Clean your actual nails with the included alcohol swab or with a cotton ball with alcohol on it.(I forgot to take a picture of this, sorry.)
  • Then you peel the protectors off the stickers and press them onto your nails. It advises that you intermittently press on your nails for the next hour. Also, to not get them wet or do anything particularly dirty or harsh to the nails.
  • Finished product

Overall Thoughts

These actually weren’t as bad as I thought they were going to be. Everyone who saw them didn’t believe that they were old school press ons. Some people thought I just painted my own nails. I did like the fact of how thin they were and they weren’t hard plastic. They were more pliable, which was a pro and a con. So, the pliability helps with them “forming” to your nails but if you wanted to reuse these, you couldn’t. Once you start peeling these off, they lose their shape and become deformed.

Before using them

I put these on Thursday afternoon and they were good until about Sunday when one of my pointer fingers popped off. After that it was all down hill. I didn’t have another white nail to replace the one that popped off and ripped the rest of them off right before I sat down to write this. Lol. Wearing them I was SUPER conscious not to use my nails for anything. I couldn’t open pop tops and felt super help less with that. One thing I didn’t like is that the entire nail doesn’t have a sticker on them so they can lift super easily.

You could see down into the nail and that made me worry about what would get stuck under there and made me feel super icky. I think that was one thing that was constantly on my mind as I wore these. Another con to me was the fact that they didn’t fit my nails perfectly.

I get that these are mass marketed and that it is supposed to be a “one size fits most” type of deal but I honestly felt the nail sizes were better suited for a child than an adult. I also have the impression that they are probably marketing these to a younger person than me because most women my age would get acrylics or gel manicures. You can also see in the pictures that they clearly “sit on” my nails to an extent.

But truth be told, if you are in a pinch and don’t have time to really get your nails done for an important event, these would absolutely work. I am not opposed to using these again. But I can say that from having nails on for a few days, I am going to go have a set put on this week. Let’s see how long that lasts.

Have a wonderful day and kick ass today!

– ♥ Lindsey


2 thoughts on “Press On Nails (WHAT?!)

  1. Very cute! I’ll use these kind of nails once in a while. I didn’t have the best luck with this brand since I found them to be a bit too thick for me and didn’t fit my fingers well. But I love not worrying about chipping 🙂

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