nuts ‘n more Protein Truffles

Hey y’all! Sorry this post is going up late. I know, I know, my schedule has been all types of wonky. I feel like I tell y’all sorry all the time. Lol. But such is life. Well, today I’m raving about these amazing protein truffles from nuts ‘n more. They are no joke. I swear to heaven that they taste exactly like a Reese Peanut Butter cup but with a little more peanut butter in them.


I found these at the Vitamin Shoppe and was a little intrigued. Of course, these were sitting right at the counter to become an impulse buy and I gave in. Lol. But I am soooo happy I did. They are $10.99 for the container, which to me is a little pricey considering there is only 7 pieces per container and they are not that big.

They are 100 calories a piece and unfortunately only have 3 g of protein per piece. Of course these are a better bet to eat instead of an actual Reese Peanut Butter Cup. A regular Reese has 1.7 g of protein and is only 87 calories. These melt in your hands a hell of a lot faster than a Reese and they are softer. They don’t have that bite to them but these are the better option for a sweet tooth craving. There is actually more sugar in these than a Reese. It is only 1 g but it’s still more. I would without a doubt advise you to go grab these little delicious bites. I hope that nuts ‘n more comes out with other flavors of protein truffles. Hey! nuts ‘n more! PLEASE make other flavors of these little trinkets of amazingness!

Just for the hell of it, I’m going to throw in a workout because it is “Work Out Wednesday!”

Booty Blaster

Goblet Squats – 5 sets of 20

Cable Jump Squats – 5 sets til failure

Hack N’ Pull – 5 sets of 20 (with weight you feel comfortable with)

Overhead Plate Walking Lunges – Length of the gym 4 times (walk one way, rest, walk the other, rest, etc.)

Cable Kickbacks – 5 sets of 10 for each leg (you’ll need an ankle strap)

Cable Crossovers – 5 sets of 10 each legs (you’ll need an ankle strap)

Have a wonderful rest of the week y’all! If anyone has any protein recipes that I should try to cover my sweet tooth, let me know!

– ♥ Lindsey


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