Flower Translucent Finishing Powder Review

Happy Saturday y’all! I’m currently in the car headed to my friend’s baby shower. I’m so excited for her and her husband, they totally deserve all the happiness and celebration that’s about to happen. I’m not driving, so no worries there. Lol. So, I mentioned that I was going to review the Flower Cosmetics powder in yesterday’s post, so, here we go.

This brand is created by Drew Barrymore and is exclusively sold at Walmart (I’ve never seen it anywhere else). I don’t travel into Walmart too often (I HATE it and corporate knows, extensively), but my parents needed some stuff from there. While they got their stuff I made a beeline towards the cosmetics area because they carry two brands that I can’t find anywhere else – Flower and Hard Candy. Unfortunately, this Walmart only had Flower and most of it was opened, savages. Including this product, so I had to go back and exchange it for one that WASN’T open.

I have been trying to find a cheaper setting powder that is easy to find for everyone. So, I took the plunge and spent the $9.99 on it.


According to the box, it is supposed to “minimize imperfections and mattifying.” It is definitely mattifying. I can’t really tell if it has “minimized” my imperfections or if it just doesn’t settle into pores and lines. But, I used Benefit’s Porefessional as a primer. So, that could be aiding in the minimization. The box also says, “it’s a miracle worker! Our Mirace Matte Translucent Finishing Powder is the ultimate finishing touch to your makeup,” I don’t know about that. Let’s get into this review.


This is SUPER bulky for absolutely no reason as all. For how big the packaging was I was expecting a good amount of powder but this is only .28 ounces.

The top doesn’t twist, snap or click close. It just slides on top of the pot and could fall off accidentally at any point.

It comes with a puff that is a little on the cheap feeling side. It feels like they cut up a bath towel and wrapped it around a make up sponge. It absorbs a crapton of product too.

There is a sifter in it to limit the amount of product but SURPRISE it’s no sealed in and it’s removable. This is a pro and a con. It’s good because you can dip your beauty tool straight into the product but it sucks because the product seeps out the side, 😣 AKA it’s not travel friendly. I have not thrown the box away because of this. I just place it back inside to keep everything else clean. I am traveling with it now and it’s a pain in the ass.


It is chalky and not milled enough. It feels as if I rubbed a piece of chalk on my face when I use this. It is probably the mattifying properties that make it this way but it does not feel nice.

I used this for setting my under eyes and baking my contour. If you don’t aggressively make sure it’s blended in, there will be a flash back.


It’s definitely drug store and it’s definitely $9.99. I don’t know if I would buy this product again. I just feel there has to be a better setting powder in the drug store somewhere. For those of you that are concerned about animals, it is not tested on animals and it seems to be vegan.

I will definitely say that in the Florida heat and humidity I didn’t sweat my make up off ass fast. I was outside before my make up sweating like crazy and then after with my make up on and there was little need for a touch up. I will say is lightweight and does feel comfortable. But I’m still on the fence y’all.

As always, if y’all have any suggestions for me to try, let me know. I’ll be the ginny pig. 😊 Have a wonderful weekend as always!

– ❤️ Lindsey

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