Salad – it LIES

Hey y’all! It’s Thursday and the week is almost over! Thank god. Let me not pretend that I had an overly stressful work. I literally worked 3 out of the 5 days. How I wish it could be like that every week! I know, I know, I am living in a dream world. Lol. Anyway, today we are talking about how salads are not as healthy as they appear to be. They are actually filled with a TON of hidden calories. Why does this matter? Because we are living a lie and thinking that eating salads makes us healthy!

Let me not front at all, I am completely guilty of believing that salads make me healthier and that they will help me lose weight. That by eating a salad compared to my friends rice and beans is better. WRONG! Well, to an extent. There are times that salad is the healthiest option that you might have and that is ok. I am not by all means telling you to throw salads out the window. I am simply saying that there are healthier ways to eat this devious little bowls of deliciousness.

Salad Meme

Salads can actually be healthy if they are properly made. But lets be honest, most salads are loaded with bacon, eggs, cheese and then the dressing. Holy moly so many hidden calories. But let me keep it real, I am DROOLING thinking about eating salads.

My absolute favorite salad is from Giardino’s and it is the Greek Village. But it is so not good for me.

Greek Village

Calories 140

Calories from fat Total fat (g) – 45

Saturated fat (g) – 5  Trans fat (g) – 3

Cholesterol (mg) – 15

Sodium (mg) – 370

Potassium (mg) – 15

Carbohydrates (g) – 6


Now looking at this alone it doesn’t seem so bad but that is only the veggies, no dressing and no croutons. I mean come on, who has a salad without dressing and croutons. I know I don’t. Lol.

Dressing – Olive 
Calories 130

Calories from fat Total fat (g) – 130

Saturated fat (g) – 15 Trans fat (g) – 2.5

Cholesterol (mg) – 15

Sodium (mg) – 370

Potassium (mg) – 15

Carbohydrates (g) – 6


Toasted Pita Croutons

Calories – 50

Calories from fat Total fat (g) – 20

Saturated fat (g) – 2.5 Trans fat (g) –

Sodium (mg) – 60

Carbohydrates (g) – 5

Add that all up at its only 320 calories overall for the small size but do we really every eat the small size? Plus where is the protein? Y’all know I am going to add some yummy chicken to this. Lol. So, this is probably not the best option to show you how bad they are. But I know that Outback Chicken Cobb Salad is 750 calories for only HALF of it. So, of course, there are good salad options and there are the hidden sneaky ones. Be careful and make sure you are choosing the right salad.
Have a wonderful day y’all! See you tomorrow.
– ♥ Lindsey

One thought on “Salad – it LIES

  1. I love that you put this out there. I couldn’t agree more that salads aren’t as healthy as everyone claims. I had someone tell me this week that they needed to diet (lose weight) and eat more salads, I told them just what you said… Not all salads are healthy. Love your posts, can’t wait for the next! 🙂

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