Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review

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Hey y’all! Happy Monday and Happy Memorial Day! I know I am taking complete advantage of having the day off. I tried out a couple new recipes, one of them will be up on Wednesday, only because I didn’t take pictures of the one. So, y’all will have to wait for the other one. Sorry!

Today we are talking about the highly sought after Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. As soon as I saw this palette online I was in love. Unfortunately, I was unable to get this palette when it first released and I was crushed to learn that there was a high possibility of this palette not coming back out. Let me tell ya, your girl was calling multiple Ulta’s and Sephora’s to find out when and if they were getting anymore. Hell, I even called an Ulta in a different state because my best friend was going there and asked what I wanted her to bring me home. A little obsessed much? Lol. Just a little.


I was finally able to get this amazing palette from my local Ulta. They only received 20 palettes and it was one per person and the staff was not allowed to buy it! I left work during lunch and ran to make sure I was able to get it. Thankfully, I was. Let’s get into this beauty.



Following the Too Faced classic packaging, this palette is also in a metal tin. It is sturdy and makes me feel like my shadows are protected from breakage. It is a magnetic close case that does not randomly pop open. One of the downfalls to this packaging is the mirror. It does not take up the entire top and there is a big Sweet Peach logo in the top of the tin that seems a little redundant and unnecessary. The space could have been better utilized for the mirror. But I get the marketing strategy, there is always a logo in every picture because it is on the outside and the inside of the tin but again, a bigger mirror would be nicer than the logo. Just being honest y’all.


Another part of the packaging is the smell. Just like all of the chocolate line from Too Faced, the Sweet Peach palette is supposed to smell like peaches. While it smells like artificial peaches, it definitely doesn’t smell like fresh peaches but they don’t claim that. So, overall the peach smell is there.


Names with swatches

From Imgur – Not my swatches – because lets get real, I ain’t wasting product
First and foremost, lets talk about the names. They are completely adorable and dead on! This palette has a very southern feel to it because peaches are iconically southern. My favorite name has to be “Bless Her Heart.” It is such a cute name. That and “Charmed, I’m Sure.” The names have the southern sass behind them which makes them 1,000 times more adorable.


Moving on to the shadows themselves, there are 18 different shadows that cover a variety of needs from highlights to perfect shades to complete a smokey eye look. They are super bendable and finely milled. I find them to be super creamy and perfect. Thankfully there are only two glittery colors, there are mattes, shimmers and satins but none of them have chunky glitter in it like some of the other palettes.

(Close Up of shadows from Haute Makeup)

White Peach – pearly white highlight – I love this for inner corner or as a brow bone highlight

Nectar – shimmery yellow gold – I would compare this one to MAC Nylon – perfect brow bone highlight

Peaches N’ Cream – matte light peachy pink color – perfect for setting your eyelid to have a base for better blendability.

Luscious – satin rosey pink – great all over lid color or perfect to create a halo eye

Cobbler – shimmery pinky brown – it has a cool undertone and works great as a transition color or perfect for the outer v of the eye

Georgia – matte pink color – great transition color

Just Peachy – shimmery peach color –  perfect all over lid color

Candied Peach – glittery peach color – great transition color

Caramelized – shimmery brown – it has a warmer undertone than Cobbler and would work as a transition shade or a liner for the top and bottom – great for smudging for a smokey eye

Bless Her Heart – shimmer green brown – great outer v color or transition – my favorite color in the palette. It is such a unique color to me.

Bellini – shimmer peachy brown with cool undertones – great all over lid color

Puree – matte brown with warm undertones – great transition color

Tempting – shimmer black color – great for the outer v for a smokey eye

Peach Pit – shimmery deep purple brown with cool undertones – love this for the outer v, lining the top lid and smudging the bottom lash line

Summer Yum – matte reddish brown, warmer than Puree – great transition color and for smudging the lower lash line

Charmed, I’m Sure – matte brown – perfect neutral brown – great color overall – super versatile

Delectable – shimmery purple – great for creating a smokey eye

Talk Derby To Me – glittery purplish black – great for the outer v for a smokey eye look


I am absolutely in love with this palette. It is super versatile and amazing. The shadows are super creamy and blendable. I absolutely love it. I have bought other Too Faced palettes and could not stand the chunky glitter shadows that were within them and literally gave the palettes away. But that is absolutely not the case with this palette. I wish I could have a back up because I am that in love with this palette. It has also made me want the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette that much more. I highly recommend this palette. To me, it is completely worth all the hype that it has been getting.


Talk to y’all on Wednesday! Have a wonderful holiday!

– ♥ Lindsey


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