Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos

Hey y’all! How are you doing on this lovely Friday? This post is going up a little late because it was a busy week. I actually wrote this post on Wednesday and didn’t have a chance to get it up. Many of you don’t know that I am a teacher and I make sure to not discuss that often because it can a little sticky with certain things. But this week is a huge spirit week and we have been preping all week and Wednesday we went bowling with about 150 of the students. Fun was had by all and my butt is KILLING me.

So, with that said I figured I would talk about this amazing buffalo cauliflower taco recipe that I made the other night. If you are a vegetarian or simply trying to cut back on the fried chicken this recipe is the bombdotcom. (We know by now that I am corny, moving on.)

I found this recipe on Facebook through BuzzFeed and I was intrigued. Looking at it made me think this was an easy alternative. I mean I am always down for some cauliflower mashed potatoes. If you are weirded out by cauliflower, I can tell you that after you coat them and roast them, they do not taste at all like cauliflower.

1/4 cup Hot sauce – I used Frank’s Red Hot because it has enough heat for me and I don’t particularly care for super spicy stuff (yes, I am a wimp when it comes to hot)

1 head of cauliflower

2 tsp of garlic powder


1 tsp of salt (I omitted this because I only bake with salt)
2 tbs of melted butter


This first thing you need to do is to cut the cauliflower into bite size pieces but not too small because you have to be careful they don’t burn while you are roasted them. Yes, I learned from experience. I had to make this twice. Life is rough. Lol

Next, mix in the hot sauce, garlic and butter in a big enough bowl to add the cauliflower to it.


Add the cauliflower and completely coat it. I used a spoon to mix it because I have had hot sauce in my eye before and it is no good, even with contacts in my eyes. I am telling y’all I am a walking mess at times. Lol.


Once the cauliflower is coated evenly, spread it out on a baking sheet with aluminum foil on it. I have found that when you wrap baking pans with foil the clean up is 100 times easier and you don’t ruin the baking sheets as fast.


You are supposed to roast them for 20 minutes, mix them and roast them for another 20 minutes at 450 degrees. Well, the first time I followed this, I burnt the crap out of the cauliflower and it did not smell lovely in my house at all. So, the next time I did it for 10 minutes and then 15 minutes and it was still a little sketchy but I rolled with it. I do attribute this to the fact that I have a gas oven which tends to cut the cooking time in half the time.


There are several ways you can eat these. You can wrap them in soft tortillas and add some lettuce, tomato, beans and blue cheese dressing. You can wrap them in Boston Lettuce and add all the fixings you want. I ate them this way. I added some halved grape tomatoes and a little blue cheese dressing. These were amazing. So amazing, that I forgot to take after pictures.  Sorry guys! You just have to make them for yourself because no line, these are delicious. I love the fact that cauliflower is so versatile that you can’t really tell that it is a vegetable instead of a meat. If y’all try these, let me know how they come out and the varieties that you added to them. Have a wonderful weekend y’all.

– ♥ Lindsey



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