boscia Konjac Cleansing Sponge Review

Hey y’all! This was SUPPOSED to up on Monday but with the last week of school coming to a close things have of course been a little crazy. I have had to pack up my entire classroom and give my students all the end of the year stuff that they need. So, you know, complete and utter craziness.

Today we are talking about boscia’s Konjac Cleansing Sponge. I ordered this cleansing sponge in hopes that it would help deep clean my face a little better. I decided to go with this one on the recommendation of KathleenLights, one of my favorite YouTubers. These sponges won’t break the bank either. They are $15 each and last a good amount of time. So, to me, they are highly worth it.


I decided to simply order the plain one to begin with because I wanted to make sure that my face didn’t react negatively. I have absolutely loved this sponge. I originally bought my sponge in February and just threw it away. Unfortunately, because I was in a cleaning fit, I forgot to take a picture of the end result of the sponge. Yep, I am that person. SMDH. Give or take a week, I have my sponge for about 3 months and used it nearly every day. The sponge starts off about the size of a baseball and slowly disintegrates over time with use.


It is really hard to describe the texture of the sponge. It is definitely softer than a loofah but firmer than a brush head that is used with the Clarisonic. It is not so rough that it would damage your face in my opinion. I have sensitive skin and get red really easily, but this sponge doesn’t irritate my face nearly as much as I thought it would. I actually really like it.


Over time I have noticed that my blackheads have gotten significantly less than when I started. Again, no picture. I know I just suck today. Lol. I add whatever face wash I am using at the time and get it all nice and sudsy, scrub my face and neck. Most of the time when I am wearing makeup I will clean my face with micellar  water and a cleansing pad first and then get in the shower and clean my face with the sponge and soap. When you do this, you can clearly see how much makeup is left on your face from the first cleaning. After using the sponge, it needs to be hanged to dry. You are not supposed to leave it in the shower or anywhere else that it can get wet or that holds moisture.

Other Sponges

They have three other sponges in their line. One with deep hydrating clay, one with bamboo charcoal and one with complexion clearing clay. The hydrating clay sponge I have used. I am still on the fence about it. There is a little bit of a smell to it and I don’t like it as much as the cleansing sponge that doesn’t have any cleansing clays in it. I just started using the one with the bamboo charcoal in it, so I don’t have a fair judgement of it as of yet. Finally, I picked up the one that has the clearing clay in it, without reading it, and realize now that it is for people with oily skin. Yeah, not me. Dammit. Guess I will be returning this one to Sephora, whoops.

Where To Find

If you have tried any other sponges that are good to use, let a girl know! Have a wonderful Wednesday y’all.

– ♥ Lindsey


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