Soap and Glory Perfect Ten Review

Hey y’all! Since Monday was supposed to be “Make Up Monday,” I thought I would surprise you guys with an impromptu make up post on a Tuesday. Today we are discussing the Soap and Glory Perfect Ten eyeshadow Palette.


This palette is amazing! So lets dive right into this bad boy and talk all about it.

Soap and Glory was a UK brand that has finally made it into the states. This palette comes with ten shadows (of course!) and they are a good blend of types and colors. The palette comes in cardboard packaging, much like the original Naked Palette. I foresee the top possibly breaking off from opening and closing it so much but we will deal with that when and if it happens. Lol.

Shadows – Formulas


These shadows are super creamy and super blendable. I have used this palette on several different skin tones and it looks beautiful. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures and I haven’t received the photos yet. I know, I know, I messed up. Lol. When you swatch these babies they feel like velvet. Sooooo good. But y’all know that your girl always keeps it real. So, these shadows do have a little fall out when switching them out of the pan but very little on the actual lid.

Shadows – Colors


Moon Mist – Champagne Gold – shimmer – this is great for inner corner highlight or highlighting the brow bone.

Minky – Bronzey Pink – shimmer – great for all over the lid

Nudecomer – Cool Tone Pink – matte – great transition color – blends beautifully

Copper – Copper – shimmer – great center of the lid color for an amazing pop of color

Toasty – Cool Tone Brown Pink – matte – great transition color – blends beautifully


Damsel – Cool Tone Pink – shimmer – this shadow is absolutely freaking amazing. I love it all over the lid or in the crease.

Cream Soda – True White – shimmer – great for an inner corner highlight or brow bone highkight

Choccy – Cool Tone Brown – shimmer – great for the crease or the outer vee to create an amazing smokey eye

Plumitous – Cool Tone Purple – shimmer – OH. MY. GOD. This shadow is life and more. It is a perfect purple color, especially for green eyes. This color is great for the crease or the outer vee for a completely unique purple smokey eye.

Smoulder – Soft Black – satin – this color is not a true dark black but more of a deep gray black. It is still a pretty color to use on the outer vee for a smokey eye. I even use it to tight line my eyes because I can’t use a lot of eye liners.



So these swatches are one swipe. One swipe! Can you see that pigment?! Can you? I died. Well, not literally but I mean come one.

Not my picture – from Google
The one negative I have about the palette is the brush. If you notice from the top picture my brush is missing. No joke, while I was doing someone’s make up the brush actually fell out of the palette and someone went to pick it up. My response? Nope, leave it. It’s garbage. But hey, that’s not a bad downfall at all in my mind.

But the BEST thing about the palette is that it is only $20! Yep, you read that right,$20. If you want snag this beauty you can find it at Ulta and if you search Ulta it doesn’t come up but you know your girl found you the direct link! Soap and Glory Perfect Ten – here ya go! This palette is definitely worth it’s price.


Well, have a wonderful night y’all! Talk to you tomorrow.

– ♥ Lindsey


2 thoughts on “Soap and Glory Perfect Ten Review

    1. To a certain extent yes but the Naked 3 palette is without a doubt more pink tones than anything else. You don’t really get too much outside that range. Plus this one is made afforable. 😁 Thanks for checking me out!


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