Cellucor Chocolate Mint Protein Bar Review

Hey y’all! What’s going on with everyone on this fabulous Wednesday morning? I have been getting up earlier than I did during the school year. I have no idea where this new found energy has come from but I am taking advantage of every bit of it. I am also crossing my finger and hoping that this is a new trend because I am falling in love with it. Today we are talking about the Cellular Chocolate Mint Protein Bars. These babies are to die for.


I happened to be in Target looking for some BCAAs and saw these. They were on sale and thought I got nothing to lose and let me tell you they are totally worth it. There are 5 bars in each box and retail for $9.99, which is about $2 a bar. Fairly normal price for protein bars when you break down the pricing.


These taste like a complete and total chocolate bar. Some protein bars have that gritty taste/feel to them but not these. If I didn’t know they were a protein bar I wouldn’t think it. The closest bar I can compare these to are the Think Thin Brownie bars but these are better because they are coated in creamy chocolate.


FullSizeRender copy

Yes, I placed an entire protein bar on my desk to take a picture. Yes, I ate the whole thing right after this picture. The things I do for y’all! Lol. Anyway, the chocolate coating is super creamy, almost like melts in your mouth because it sure as hell melts onto your fingers. It is super soft and yummy.



The inside has crispy little nuggets of gold. They don’t change the flavor or add anything to it but it is nice to have something harder to bite into. It is like the crispy stuff inside a Crunch Bar. The majority of the bar has a brownie like consistency and it is fudge and good. I told you, you can trick yourself into thinking that this is dessert, if it fits into your macros of course. Don’t overeat anything, including protein. The mint flavor is not overpowering or too much. It reminds me of a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie but not as crisp. I am drooling just typing this up right now. Lol.


Sorry for the blurry picture – from the internet

These bars are on point with most bars when it comes to calories. 250 is in the typical protein bar range. One of the good things about this bar is the sugar content is not completely out of whack. It is not the best but it is not the worst either. 20 grams of protein is a really big plus.


Go. To. The. Store. NOW! These things are freaking phenomenal. But do not eat these every day. They are not meant to replace your meals but rather to add to your nutritional plan to succeed more. What is your favorite protein bar?

Have a great day! Talk to y’all on Friday!

– ♥ Lindsey


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