Love and Losing

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday! So, I thought we would just talk today. Sometimes I worry that this gets a little too impersonal when all I do is review products and give y’all my thoughts on things. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing that but I truly want to connect with y’all because let’s be honest, you can read the product’s website for a review. So, I want to give y’all a reason to sit down and spend your day with me, well at least part of it. I am truly grateful that you have chosen to spend part of your day with me. It is truly amazing. You have no idea the gratitude I have.

Now that the gushing is over, let’s get down to the nitty gritty, love and losing weight.

My entire life I have always been curvy. I have never gotten smaller than a size 10 (one of my current goals). I am not complaining in the least, and for the most part, I have loved my body. When I got up to 197lbs at 5’4″ (that is a lot for me), I knew I needed to do something. I have always been fortunate to have extremely supportive partners (except in high school but that is an entirely different story for a different post – we’ll get there one day) that have loved my body for the way it was. Except when I wanted to change it.

At first they were super cheerleader, pushing me towards my goals and celebrating milestones and accomplishments. That is until the change was so noticeable that other people were taking notice. The the support disappeared and the negative comments started.

“Why are you working out? You can’t tell.”

“You’re going to look like a man.”

“When are you going to stop lifting? I have a girlfriend and want to keep it that way.”

“Why do you go to the gym so much?”

“Missing one day won’t kill you.”

Through it all, I have never stopped because of these comments. Working out makes me feel better. I want a strong back, shoulders, and arms. So I am not going to quit. I refuse to. This journey is not for anyone but yourself and you can’t let someone else control your path. You have to be strong.

There are some men that can’t handle when their significant other starts to change for the better. They start to worry that they are going to lose you to someone else because they are insecure that you could find ” better” with the way your body is changing. Well, guess what, you can’t give up because someone else is insecure with themselves. I refuse to change my dreams because they can’t handle them. And you should refuse to as well.

You need to always improve yourself for the better. If they aren’t willing to support you or accept the changes there is no need to worry because there will always be someone else who does.

Love yourself first and love yourself hard. You deserve it.

– ♥ Lindsey


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