Fourth of July Make Up

Hey y’all! Happy 4th of July! I hope y’all are enjoying a lot of barbecue and fireworks. Today, I unfortunately had to work BUT I took full advantage and did my make up “red, white and blue.” It was completely inspired but WhatWouldLizzyDo, and you can catch that awesome video here.  So, here is a picture of what my rendition looked like.



For the white eye liner I used the Sephora Contour Matte Gel Eyeliner in 06 White Russian. For the blue eye liner I used the Loreal Silkissime Eyeliner in Cobalt Blue. Lip color is the Tarteist Lip Paint collaboration with Grav3yardgirl in Swamp Family.

I will not lie, I decided to do this last night while shopping at Target and got SUPER lucky that I was able to find the perfect blue color. I had actually bought a white liner and two blue ones. I got a cream pencil and a felt tip. I am more comfortable with the felt tip but I didn’t want to use two totally different formulas on my lids so I used the cream pencil. I honestly was at Ulta on Saturday and looked at the NYX felt liner in Royal Blue and was like “hey I like that but when will I use it?” Well, I should have listened to myself and bought it because then I wouldn’t have been scouring Target in hopes to find everything. Lol.

I really liked this look and I think I am getting pretty good at the wing. The only unfortunate thing is the blue disappeared a little on my lids since I have hooded eyes but whatevs. Had I had more time to mess around with the look and ideas I might have done a blue eye with a white liner but I am super pleased with the way it came out.

So, mini review on the liners and the lip paint. The Sephora one was SUPER hard to get to stick and be opaque but I think that is because it is truly meant to be used on the water line and not the lids. Plus, this one was open so I didn’t have to open the other one I purchased and can return it.

The Loreal Silkissime is AMAZING. It is super pigmented and glided on like an absolute dream. I am actually searching the internet for other cool colors to be able to use a double wing or outlined one more often.

Tarteist Lip Paints are for the most part gorgeous and creamy. Swamp Family is no exception. I have loved MAC’s Red Russian as a red lipstick for the last 9 years (I wore it on my 23rd birthday for the first time ever and fell in love). But this is definitely going to replace that one for a while. It is a beautiful cool tone red. It glides on like a dream and dries perfect. There is a little transferability but it is totally worth it.

Have a wonderful holiday, if you are in America celebrating, if not enjoy this awesome Monday.

Because it wouldn’t be me without some lashes and a goofy face. Talk to y’all tomorrow!

– ♥ Lindsey

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