Flamingo’s – the love is real

Random bit of information, I love flamingos. The obsession is real and started when I was super young. But they are super adorable and totally Florida. Essays have been written about the obsession with flamingos, hotels are based on them and they are absolutely eye catching. Who would’t love them?!


Back story –  when I was younger my mom bought me a set of flamingo sheets that I loved as a kid. Fast forward to 1992 and one of the most horrific hurricanes hit Miami-Dade county and wiped out everything that we held sacred. One of the things that survived was these particular flamingo sheets. When you go through a super traumatic experience at a young age you realize that there are specific memories that are more important and some specific items hold immense memories. Now, I am 32 years old and STILL have that one flamingo sheet.

Of course it is SUPER faded but super soft. I will not lie, that thing has been EVERYWHERE with me, including to Australia and Europe. I love it.

Because of this simple memory, I LOVE flamingos. I am obsessed. No lie, I have been searching for flamingo sheets for my room for years. Most places do not carry queen size flamingo sheets, apparently it is a child’s thing. Yeah, we all know, I break all the rules anyway. Lol.

Target came out with this amazing line called Pillowfort. It it TOTALLY geared towards little kids and making their rooms fun and vibrant without being too childish. Completely speaks to my inner child, lol.


I found this adorable sheets in the stores in twin and full but not queen. So, you know I JUMPED on the website and found that queen size was an option but when I added it to my cart there was an error because apparently they weren’t really available in queen. I was so crushed. But I kept checking (for like 2 months) and FINALLY I got them last night. They are on their way and I am STOKED. I told you the obsession was real. Lol. Come next week, I will have new sheets. Lol.

I even have the shower curtain in my bathroom.


And how adorable is this little guy?!


Oh yeah, I totally have him sitting on my bed. He is soft and fluffy. I told you, I am a BIG kid at heart.

Now the problem is going to be finding the perfect flamingo charm for a necklace because I am SUPER picky.

Just wanted to give y’all a little bit of random information about me. Have an amazing day.

– ♥ Lindsey


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