Jaclyn Hill X Becca Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hey y’all! Happy happy Monday! I hope everyone had a long a restful weekend. Today does not feel like a Monday at all. It has been super relaxing to simply be out of town and hanging with my friends and their kids. We have gone to an orchard and I was able to sample some apple wine and frozen apple cider. Y’all that stuff is sweet liquid deliciousness. I am so going to try that at home because it is a teensy bit healthier than other stuff I could shove into my mouth. Lol.

I got to go with one of my nephews to his first archery lesson and he did amazing. I have never seen that kid listen so well and he was super focused. Out of every arrow he shot, I think three didn’t hit the target. He will definitely be honing those skills and hitting the fields with me to hunt in no time.

Today we are talking about the Jaclyn Hill X Becca Eyeshadow Palette. I know a lot of palettes were horrible and that Becca pulled this palette which is extremely sad because I LOVE this palette. I was fortunate enough to be able to have been sent a really good one. So, we’re going to talking about it.


This was the first time I had ever bought any type of Becca eyeshadows. They are super creamy and buttery. But lets not get ahead of ourselves and of course, start with the packaging.

It is a beautiful reflective gold with white dots. The inside has an amazing mirror that makes it super easy to use as a one palette type of deal.

It comes with a clear shadow protector, which of course I leave in my palette. I try to preserve my eyeshadows and powders as much as possible. There are five shades in this amazing palette. All of them are super buttery, blendable and pigmented.

The first picture is without flash, the second is with flash.

Chardonnay – shimmer – yellow white – perfect for highlighting

Champagne Toast – shimmer – light copper – perfect for all over the lid

Cordial – matte – cool toned pink with blue undertones – great transition color

Cognac – matte – cool toned brown – great transition color or outer vee

Bordeaux – matte – cool toned burgundy brown – perfect for the outer vee


I love this palette. It is one of the only two I flew out with the use while I was gone. It works perfectly. I wish Becca would create this palette in one of their other trusted plants and rerelease it because it is perfection.

I love this look that I created with the palette. I am so glad that mine was a good palette. Enjoy this lovely Monday.

– ♥ Lindsey


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