Soap and Glory’s Hocus Focus

Hey y’all! Happy Monday. So, I took the last week off as vacation and for the first time ever in my life it truly felt like a vacation. As y’all know, I went to Kansas and visited my adorable nephews and best friend. Kansas is definitely a different place than Miami but it was so nice to get away. It was the first time that I simply did nothing. When I go and see them, I literally just fall along with their routine and let me tell you, I am 100% completely ok with that. Her sons are adorable and I love them. I have missed them like crazy since they have moved a year ago.

Anyway, enough of my sappiness. Let’s get into what y’all are here for on “Makeup Monday,” today’s review. I will forewarn you, it will not be a good one and it will not be nice. Truth be told, I HATED this primer. Today, we are talking about Soap and Glory’s Hocus Focus primer.



It comes in this bright and shiny gold box that SCREAMS “buy me!” and y’all I fell hard for that ish. It makes it look super high end and that it would be absolutely phenomenal. The bottle itself is this really cool shimmery iridescent white pinky color.


According to Ulta’s website “Soap & Glory’s Hocus Focus Instant Visual Flaw-Softening Illuminator is a blast of brilliance for tired skin. This is an instant softening illuminating lotion with long-wearing Lightscramble luminospheres. Use to diffuse the appearance of large pores, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation.”

I did not see that at all on my skin. My pores did not look smaller, my wrinkles were still there.

It is advertised as a primer that is meant to be used under your foundation.


The actual primer is a SUPER watery product that literally runs out of the bottle as milk. I figured that this would have some substance to it but it was super runny. I put it on my finger tips and was taken aback by how liquidity this stuff was. No joke, the scene in my bathroom while I was trying this product out for the first time was me jumping and going “oh shit, no!” I am telling you, super runny.


It does have a pretty shine to it but it does not really show up under makeup. On top of that, this stuff just made me look super oily and that is hard because I have DRY skin, like desert dry. When I tried to apply foundation on top of this, it looked super patchy and the foundation just broke up on the skin. I was highly disappointed by this because I really like Soap and Glory products but this stuff is definitely not good, especially for $15. That ain’t cheap. The NYX Angel Veil primer is the same primer and does the same thing and makeup doesn’t break up on top of it. Honestly y’all, skip this ish. It is not worth the money and you can find a better primer. I promise.

If there is any primers y’all think I should try, let a girl know. Have a great Monday and talk to y’all on Wednesday.

– ♥ Lindsey


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