Living in Florida

Hey y’all! We have “survived” Hurricane Matthew in good ole South Florida. I should probably explain that I live extremely far south (Miami) and we got EXTREMELY lucky and the storm did not severely effect us down here.

Ever since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, South Floridans do not play around when it comes to hurricanes. Many people don’t know or don’t remember that Hurricane Andrew was predicted to hit Broward and in reality the eye of the storm came ashore about 5 miles from my house. I was 8 and that horrific event is seared into my mind.

If y0u don’t live in Florida or have never lived in Florida you will never understand that fear and anxiety that rises up when there is a potential storm coming. Most of the time we have to make a decision about the weather 2-3 days before the actual hit. Everyone has to decide if they are going to stock up and stay or grab all their shit and run like hell.

Most of the time we see a storm coming and we’re like “eh, it’s not that bad.” Usually that is for a category 2 or lower. After surviving a category 5, which almost made a new category had the weather vane not been blown off, anything lower than a 2 doesn’t particularly scare most of us. Since 1992 construction codes and laws have made it that the region is actually more protected than ever.

No one thought Hurricane Andrew was going to be as devastating as it was. Hell, my aunt had a housewarming party the night before the storm hit. But it leveled a community and tested its true resilience. Most of us lived in trailers on the sides of our houses for months, watched the national guard fix our schools, took baths in a pool or lake and realized how little material items matter in reality. Twenty-four years later and people can still see where Andrew affected a community. Those who were here then can pick out the areas that have not rebuilt to this day. It is crazy.

So every hurricane season, South Floridans pray, hope and wish that it will be an easy and uneventful season. I personally joke and say “all I want is 35 mph winds, so that school will be canceled.” In all reality, I wish that it was something we didn’t have to deal with. But no matter where you live, there is some element of nature that you have to deal with and rules over your area.

For those that are going to be effected by Hurricane Matthew, my thoughts are with you. Stay safe and I hope y’all bounce back quickly.

– ♥ Lindsey


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