Laneige Water Bank Soothing Gel Mask

Hey y’all! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend making memories. Unfortunately, it’s Monday again. . .


But the plus side is. . .no nevermind there is no plus side to it being Monday. Sorry y’all, I tried to lie to you as well as myself. I failed.


This weekend I got to watch one of my nephews play his first t-ball game and was even had the honor to help on the field. Lord knows my patience was tested with this little kids. T-ball is like herding cats. It is a great birth control. Lol. But the cuteness of it all far outweighs the headache I was getting from these little guys running in the wrong direction or playing in the clay when they should be “baseball ready.” It was definitely a new experience and it opened my eyes to what the parents of kids who play sports deal with. There is a new found respect for them having the ability to deal with that situation 2-3 times a week. My best friend was making fun of me saying “look at the mom in you coming out.” She knows exactly what to say to make me go “nope, I’m good for now.”


I am truly blessed to have some amazing friends that allow me to call their kids my nephews and even one of them as my godson. Hearing “Aunite Linn Linn” is such a sweet sound. I am an only child and unless I marry someone with siblings, I will never have true nieces and nephews but I have a lot of surrogate ones that I love hard. This little man and his brother are awesome kids but when I tell you the stubbornness that runs through this child would try the pope’s patience, it takes a great deal to get through to him. Love him to death but he is his mother’s son. Lol.

Anyway, on to today’s review. . .a while back I signed up for the Target Beauty Box one month and this mask came in it. The box is $7 but you can’t “sign up” for it. You have to JUMP on the Target site when they release it and hope that you are one of the lucky ones. I got the Laneige Water Bank Soothing Gel Mask. After being in the sun, even with a hat and a pair of glasses, all Saturday morning, my face with SCREAMING for some hydration. I decided to go through my bag of masks and found this one.


It comes in two parts; eyes – top and mouth – bottom.


It was a little bit of the pain in the arse to get this out of the packaging because the actual mask did not stay between the two pieces of wrapping like it was supposed to.

Instead the top mask came out when I reached for the white part and got stuck onto itself. I messed with this stupid thing for 5 mins and then I put the wrong side on my face. There is a silicone side and a textured side. At first I put the silicone side on my face and figured out that the textured side had more product on it so I needed to flip it around.

Not naked

You are supposed to leave this mask on for 30 mins. It has a cooling feeling to it. I walked into a room with a fan going and I felt my face cool down instantly. I think this mask is amazing for after a day in the sun. It took away the “hot” feeling from my face and made my face feel super hydrated. Even now, an hour and a half later my face feels amazing. If you are looking for a super hydrating mask, I absolutely recommend this one. It is $24 for 5 masks which equals to $4.80 a mask. Cheaper than most Sephora masks. They also have an entire line of Water Bank products. You can buy it here.

When I first saw Lineage, I thought it was a higher end product because the packaging is so chic and high end looking. But looking at the products and doing some research they aren’t crazy expensive. Their products are a little more expensive than typical drugstore but they are absolutely worth it. The mask is recommended for all skin types.

Definitely give a shot. If there is any masks y’all have tried that work well, let a girl know. I also picked up all three of the L’oreal clay masks today from Target. I’m going to test em out and let y’all know.

Even though it’s Monday, I hope it is a good one.

– ♥ Lindsey


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