NYM’s Lock Luster Oil

Hey y’all! Yup, that is how I start every post. It is my “tag line.” Lol. Don’t worry my students make fun of me for saying “y’all” too. They think it is so weird and they laugh at me all the time. Eh, it is what it is. I have always said y’all. Well, if you are reading this, it is Tuesday and I have been going strong for 11 days with this writing challenge. I might be cheating a little because I am pre writing entires. But is that really cheating or just being super prepared? Lol. Let’s be honest, most of us have to do things ahead of time if we have a chance to or else it might not get down. And I believe the challenge is that I have to POST everyday, not write. So I am calling it fair. Yup, I write my own rules. Lol


Last year, I had some medical problems and I was placed on injectable steroids (not fun or healthy) and they wrecked my body. Anyway, I decided I wanted to go ombre on my hair and I went to the salon and had it bleached. Who didn’t know that steroids strips hair of all it nutrients and makes it more susceptible to breakage? Yeah, this girl. I had no clue. My hair became so brittle that it would break off right where the bleach was.

I had gone to another stylist when then happened, not my current one. Apparently, they know the steroids kill your hair and she didn’t let me in on this bit of information. Instead after bleaching my hair she wanted to do an Olaplex treatment to show another stylist who had never done one. It is supposed to be a “The three-step salon system is changing the game with a lineup that both prevents breakage during the coloring process and “glues” back together the broken bonds that happen as a result of coloring.” It DID NOT work on my hair. You can clearly see that my hair BROKE off in clumps.


You can see all the breakage at the bottom of my hair. It was horrible. My hair looks ridiculously bad and it was super unhealthy. It felt horrible as well. You have no idea the amount of money I spent on products trying to save my hair before I had no other choice.

I ended up having to cut my hair really short to get rid of the damage. And even then it didn’t get rid of all the damage. It looked adorable and my girl that does my hair is amazing but it still wasn’t enough.


It looks healthy but it was still brittle, so I needed to find something to put some moisture and luster back into my life. My hairstylist recommended Marula oil but I didn’t know where to get it and it sounded expensive (I now know differently. Lol). So, I went to Ulta and found the Not Your Mother’s Lock Luster Oil and fell in love.


This stuff is amazing. According to Ulta, “Lock Luster is a deep moisturizing argan and macadamia oil treatment. These natural oils aid in repairing dry, damaged hair, protecting hair from heat and excessive styling while detangling overworked hair.”


I love that it has a pump. Some of the oils I found were a pour spout and I felt like I would waste so much of that junk it wasn’t even funny.


I also love that there are two caps! I know with pumps I lost caps like crazy. So at least with this stuff if you lose one, you still have one to go. Lol.


It is a clear oil. It is non greasy and absorbs into the hair super fast. It also does not leave your hands feeling sticky or slick.



I use 2-3 pumps and only apply it to the ends of my hair. It says to use it sparingly on the roots, so I skip them because I have greasy hair. I will use 2-3 pumps about twice to make sure I get my hair nice and coated. After I apply it to the ends of my hair, I brush my hair with a wet brush. It does say that you can use this product with wet or dry hair. After getting out of the shower is when I normally apply it. You can also style your hair normally but I am most likely getting ready for bed so, I usually wrap my hair in a low bun to make sure it stays and penetrates pretty well. When I wake up the next morning my hair is not greasy or crunchy. It just feels super healthy.


This stuff has been one of the best oils I have found. I tried A LOT of different products when my hair started breaking off. Some stuff worked but nothing like this. It was a godsend and even though my hair is ALMOST back to normal, it still needs help every now and then. Plus who can beat $6! It is currently on sale at Ulta here. Go get some!

On top of using this stuff, I stay the hell away from bleach and we only dye my hair dark colors. Lol. It is currently dark red but I think I am going to go back to dark brown almost black.


These are my inspirations right now. Which one would y’all choose? Have a great day. Talk to y’all tomorrow.

– ♥ Lindsey


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