Mayfair Soap Foundry Sugar Scrub

Hey y’all! Happy Hump Day! Currently we have the day off from school as a teacher’s work day for religious reasons. So, I decided to take the day off and go fishing with one of my nephews and my best friends. I am telling you, life is about soaking up the simple joys. And fishing from a bridge with a 6 year old is definitely one of those joys. Seeing him get so excited about each fish to the point that he can’t control himself is so adorable it is not even funny.

Anyway, I am a Target whore. There I said it. Most women won’t admit it that honestly but we are all in love with Target in the states. From what I have heard from people in other countries that have Target and Walmart, Target is shit and Walmart reigns supreme. Well, in the states it is the opposite. We love us some Target. My best friend and I have a standing Sunday night Target date usually every week. She has been traveling recently and I have been beyond busy so our regularly scheduled date has been put on hold, until today! Thank god. I was having withdrawals y’all. Lol.

We love spending hours there, looking at all the new stuff that they have. Because of my blog, we of course spend ample time on all 6 beauty aisle. The last time we were there I stumbled upon this line and fell in LOVE.



The only have a few products in the line.

  • Sugar Scrub
  • Bath Salts
  • Body Creme
  • Body Soufflé
  • Body Wash

They only have two scents

  • Sea Lily Jasmine
  • Grapefruit Bergamot

I own the bath salts, body wash and the sugar scrub all in Sea Lily Jasmine and today we are talking about the sugar scrub.


When I first found this, about three months ago, I. fell. in. love. hard. This stuff is like no other sugar scrub I have used. And trust me I have used several different ones in the past 6 months for research sake. We’ll get to those in later posts. The consistency, the smell, the feeling are unlike anything else I have ever used.

It is a weird gel/sugar hybrid. It is super thick but not overly coarse on the skin. It is almost like a paste but not sticky. I don’t know how to truly describe it besides saying it is heavenly. Also, one 4 finger scoop will scrub (on me) my entire upper body. So you do not have to use a lot of product to get the job done.

According to their website, because Target gave no information, this stuff is to help “reveal brilliantly glowing, revitalized, and restored skin with this gentle body sugar scrub. Natural pumice and sugar crystals work together to delicately exfoliate rough, dry skin. This sweet floral aroma delights senses with a fusion of White Lily, Jasmine, Rose, and a touch of soft, sweet berries for an unforgettably sumptuous fragrance.”

They are absolutely right about the fragrance. I told you, I am in love.


Even though I love this product so much there are some negatives.


First, you may not be able to see it but there is a slight discoloration to the product. It is supposed to be this cool sea foam green but you can see in parts of it where it has become lime green looking. I don’t know why this has happened. The jar says it is good for 12 months and we are no where near a year on this product yet. I do store it in my shower but that should affect it if the lid is screwed on tight.


Second, the top rusts. I get that it is a metal lid but then there should have been some antirust stuff on it. Like I said before, I store it in my shower but this is the INSIDE of the lid. There should not be any rust spots on this inside. Which leads me to believe that the oxidation of the metal leading it to rust is what possibly discolored my product and now contaminated it. No where on the packaging does it say not to store it in the shower or the you need to thoroughly wipe the lid off. Now, I am unfortunately going to have to throw this whole jar away. And what pisses me off is that it is BARELY used. But my skin not getting all messed up from the product being contaminated is more important than the scrub.


Like I said I love this stuff. I am bummed that I have to throw most of it away. It is not that it is stupid expensive. It’s not. It’s $9. It is the principle of the whole matter. A product should be made to last in the environment that it is meant for. But if y’all want to try it, it can be purchased here on Target’s website.

Have a great day y’all!

– ♥ Lindsey


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