Urban Decay Razor Sharp Eyeliner

Hey y’all! Happy Thursday! This week has been CREEPING by so slowly. I can’t wait for the weekend to get here. I feel like it is the first week of school all over again because we had so much time off from the “hurricane” and I need to get out of this funk. I hope that your week hasn’t moving like a sloth like mine.

Today we are talking about the Urban Decay Razor Sharp Long-Wear Liquid Eyeliner. Urban Decay has caught some flack because of the name of the product. Some people have said that they are not being empathetic towards individuals that have tried to kill themselves by using the words “razor sharp.” I honestly think some people overreact when it comes to things. If we continue to outlaw words that offend people, we will not have any words to use at all.

Anyway, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the review.

Urban Decay released 20 different shades and currently I own 5 of these shades because my local Ulta did not have all of the shades. They had a lot of hype behind them and I don’t know if it was all deserved.



I LOVE the packaging to an extent. The colored portion of the tube is the “wand” that you have to hold to apply the eye liner. It is a little awkward. The package is super reflective and futuristic looking. The paint pot is a little on the small side to me. You get .07 ounces of product in the pots. The wand is a little annoying. It is not as razor sharp as I would like. It actually picks up too much product to me and makes it a little gloopy.


They have 20 colors and they are all sick. I really wish I could have bought them all.

google search

These are the five colors that I own. I am going to do my best to get more.

Kush – grass green

Street – dark green

Retrograde – dark purple with mirco sparkle

Push – navy

Cuff – metallic silver


The colors are super bright and beautiful. They come in a wide variety and are definitely different than almost every other brand out there. They created colors that have not been seen before and it makes them super unique. Were going to talk further about formula with the claims.


According to Ulta’s website “It’s time for a liquid eyeliner that’s so precise, it’s crazy-sharp. Introducing Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Longwear Liquid Eyeliner by Urban Decay, an intensely pigmented liquid liner that lasts all day and comes in everything from lacquered creams to metallic shimmers.” It does not last all day. Mine starts flaking off after a few hours, which is a little annoying.

The website continues, “This water-resistant formula dries down quickly, provides long-lasting wear and won’t smudge. And the fine-tipped brush applicator lets you lay down sharp liquid lines – draw them super thin or thick and bold, or even spot-reapply with ease. Plus, Razor Sharp comes off easily with makeup remover for no-fuss removal (and no raccoon eyes!).” It is not truly waterproof because when my eyes water it causes the product to flake off faster. It also does not dry down that quickly. It takes longer to dry than some of my other eyeliners.

“With Razor Sharp, Urban Decay has expanded its range of liquid liner, adding more dimensional color and multiple finishes. There’s something for everyone – from color junkies to fans of neutrals. If you can never get enough color, you’ll want to experiment with Chaos (a bold, bright blue that really stands out), Zodiac (a dark, sparkly blue-green with a cool shifty effect), Kush (an extremely addictive bright green) and Goldrush (it’s like liquid gold!).,” according to the website. This is true. There are a tons of colors and they are definitely different.

“Gone are the days of struggling to find the right shade in your bag! Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliner comes in a highly metallized bottle with an easy-to-spot, shade-matched cap. To create texture and added grip for the perfect application, the bottle features microfine slashed knurling in a pretty crosshatch pattern.” The colors do match the packing, which makes it easy to figure out which one you want to use.


The colors are a little hit or miss. The ones with mirco sparkle seem to flake faster than the ones without the sparkle. I don’t really care for how much product the wand picks up. For $22 I feel like the product shouldn’t wear off as fast as it does. The only thing that saves Urban Decay with this liner is the variety of colors. They did corner the market on that one.

I unfortunately can’t find the picture of me with the eyeliner on. Give it a try. I hope you have a wonderful day and love the life you live.

– ♥ Lindsey


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