Smokey Green and White Eye

Hey y’all! We are on to day 3 of Everyday May! There are days that I simply play around with makeup and this was one of those days. I really do love green colors on my eyes and it is one of the colors that I am constantly drawn to.


So, let’s get into this look a little. This is from a while ago but you know your girl took pictures of all the products on my face. I do realize there was no lip color in the first picture, I may or may not have forgotten to put some lip color on. Looking back at the footage, it seems like it was an after thought. Lol.

Let’s start with the eyes because with a look like this, that is where you need to start so you don’t mess up your face makeup or have a lot to clean up.

I started with priming my eyes with NYX Eyeshadow base in white. Found here. This stuff is only $6.99 and works like a champ. I do use a synthetic brush to apply it.


I used the Wet n Wild small concealer brush to apply this to my eyes.


I use this because it is small enough to fit into the pot and it makes it easier to get the product out of the container. And for the price, you can’t beat it. I mean, come on, this brush is less than a flipping $1! So if you are just starting, go get these brushes right now.

I got this Make Up For Ever palette during the holiday season and I love it. Unfortunately, this palette is not available. It also didn’t get a lot of hype and I don’t understand why. The colors in it are so pigmented and creamy. They blend like a dream.


I used all these colors. I am so sorry I didn’t take pictures of the look but its because it was a night of just playing around. I gotta start filming them or actually taking pictures in between. I promise to do better. So lets give the run down of the application of colors.


I started with 1 all over the lid to give a nice neutral base to the whole eye. I used a blending brush. I am really bad at not changing brushes while doing my makeup. I am not a beauty guru with hundreds of brushes. Instead I use the Vera Mona Color Switch in between.


This is available at Sephora and for $18 you can’t beat it to make makeup application an easier process. I absolutely love having this.

Ok, moving on. . . I used shade 2 in my crease first and built it up. I then went in with shade 3 in the crease and packed a bunch of it on the outer third of my eye. After that I smoked out the very outer vee with shade 4. After I had everything blended the way I wanted I took some MAC Fix + and shade 5 on a synthetic brush and packed this on the center of the lid and the inner corners. At times, MAC Fix + is a magic maker with making eyeshadow colors show their true colors.


Once I was finished with the eyeshadow I decided that I was going to be bold and attempt a winged eyeliner.

I have been slowly getting better at the whole wing thing but it takes time. I used the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner. I got mine in one of my Sephora Play boxes.


I love this stuff. It really does “stay all day” if you don’t rub your eyes (DUH!). Lol.

Then I moved on to my eyebrows because we all know they don’t exist. It is a sad but true part in my life. Lol


My holy grail Anastasia Brow Wiz has grown legs and run away from me. This time I used a combination of different products to achieve the same results. This time I used the Colourpop Brow pencil in Dope Taupe. I have an entire review on these brow products. Find it here —> Colour Pop Brows. I also used the Loreal Brow Stylist in Brunette. I like this product but there isn’t a huge color selection. Finally, I used Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow in Cappuccino. I know this is an eyeshadow but I love it for filling in my brows. It’s a pretty awesome combination.

Moving on to the face, I decided to try something new. I used the Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation. This line has a lot of shades which is awesome. It was a little difficult to find a shade and took a while of trying different shades but I finally figured it out.

The foundation has a full coverage and completely covers blemishes. My one gripe is that it can break me out if I wear it for too long or too many days in a row. With that I have to be careful with how many days or hours I wear this. The other perk to this is that you don’t have to set it with a powder, which is always nice.

I completely understand the hype over this concealer. It is ah-mazing and I love it but this is WAY too light for me. I ordered mine online to get it faster and it was one of the only shades they had in stock. I decided to go for it and failed. Lol but that is what makeup is all about. I have tried to find the one I need but I haven’t been successful as of yet.


After I finished the concealer and foundation, I went back to my eyes and smoked out the bottom eye with shade 2 and 5 to bring the look all together. The mascara I used was the Tarteist Pro and I love this stuff. It is black, lengthens and does not budge, unless you rub it (DUH!).


Adding some color to my cheeks, I decided to reach for my trusty travel palette.

I got the Tarte Holiday blush palette a couple of years ago and love it. Out of the four shades there is only one that I don’t particularly care for but it does wonders when traveling. It makes it easy.

To put the icing on the face, I reached for one of my Lorac highlighters. These are severely underrated. Starlight is a pretty pinky tone. I used this on my brow bone, nose, tops of my cheeks and cupid’s bow. The other day I almost died, I drop my Daylight highlighter and it SHATTERED! You know that was a horrible day. We need a moment of silence for our fallen sister.

To tie everything I used MAC Lip Liner in Soar. It is one of my favorite liners.


And topped it with Buxom Lightweight Liquid Lipstick in Centerfold. This stuff definitely lives up its name, it is lightweight and dries down perfectly.

This was really fun to create. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you guys try out something similar or have any recommendations for looks you want me to try out.

Have a wonderful day y’all! Day 3 down!

– ♥ Lindsey


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