Rockstar Jeans for the Win!

HAPPY Saturday y’all! Unfortunately, I am stuck inside on this beautiful day at my second job. Yup, I am a teacher and I have a second job. Says a lot about my salary and what I need to do to survive. Anyway, lets not be depressing.

Today I am going to tell y’all about my FAVORITE jeans. When skinny jeans became a thing I definitely did not jump on them. I am a bigger girl and the first skinny jeans that hit the market made me look like a lollipop. They were super tight in the legs and baggy at the waist. If I went down a size they were too tight on my legs but fit my butt. It was a battle that I wasn’t going to waste my time on. So, I stuck with my boot leg cut jeans.

A few months ago I decided to give skinny jeans a try again. They have been on the market for a few years and I figured by now they have to have all the kinks worked out in the fit department. Because I was not able to drop a ton of money on skinny jeans that I wasn’t sure of the fit, I headed to the one place that I know skinny jeans are reasonably priced, Old Navy.


They are phenomenal on having Rock Star jeans in almost every color. The only problem is that a lot of the colors aren’t on the market because skinny jeans aren’t the “in” thing right now. Now its mom jeans. I get that fashion repeats itself but something are meant to stay in their decade and era. The 90’s called, they want their clothes back. Just saying.


I wish I could say that the fit is consistent throughout the line, but alas it isn’t. I am normally a size 14 at Old Navy but is seems the “ankle length” Rock Star jeans are just smidgen smaller than the normal ones.  I don’t understand how the length effects the waist but I am not a fashion designer.

I have notice that the ones with the holes and the rips in them are a little on the tighter side in the waist too. They also do not stretch out as much as the ones without the rips. Maybe the fabric is a little different so the holes don’t over stretch.

One of the major problems that I have found with skinny jeans is that most people automatically assume if you are bigger around the waist that your legs and ankles are bigger too. With me that is not the case. My friends joke that I have skinny legs and skinny arms and something got messed up in the middle. Hey, at least they are honest and we have been friends for almost 30 years and 20 years respectively. Lol. The good thing about these is that I don’t have that problem.

Color Selection

They have a great color selection but they are not always all available. They have started only carrying a few colors at a time. Currently they have white, black, red, pink, mint and a yellow. I am not so patiently waiting for them to release more colors.

These are some of the current colors. I will say that the olive color and the dark blue one are a little softer in feel and are super comfortable. The color hasn’t faded at all but that has a lot to do with the fact that I don’t dry my jeans in the dryer. I hang dry them every time.

These are the ones that are a little tighter in the fit. Had I known, I most likely would have went up a size for these just so they were a little more comfortable. I also don’t particularly care for both holes on the red pair being on the knees, maybe a little bit above on one of them. My other issue is that I constantly stick my foot through the holes when I attempt to put them on in the morning. Lol. But I am simply a klutz.

download (8)

My issue with the black ones and it might just be mine, is that they stretch weird in the thigh area. I wouldn’t say I have overly large thighs but they are on the built side. So, my jeans unfortunately have those stretched ripples running through them on the inside of my thighs, which means they are permanently stretched out. I have two pairs and the same thing happened to both of them but it hasn’t happened to any other color. It might be something in the dyeing process that weakens the material and causes it to do that. They also faded and I don’t dry them in the dryer. I typically wash my black jeans every 5th time I wear them so they don’t fade. Don’t think I am disgusting, there are tons of articles that tell you not to wash your jeans so often. Don’t believe me? Google it.

download (1)

These are the ones that hooked me. For some reason to find white jeans is next to impossible but these are the ones that started it all for me. They are comfortable, haven’t shrunk and always fit well. They are the whitest of white, because I bought that color. I did rip one of the three pairs I own but it is what it is. I kept them and still rock them.


Most of the jeans range from $16 when on SUPER clearance to normal price of $50. I usually get them for around $25 – $35 which isn’t horrible for jeans. I mean some jeans on the market are over $100, which I would never spend that much for jeans. I think the most I spent on jeans was $80 and almost died. Lol. The price point is perfect for these babies.


Why are you still here reading this?! Go on the Old Navy website or head to your closest store if you want some truly amazing skinny jeans that will last for a while. Have a great day y’all. Thanks for stopping by.

Day 6 √ (I know its a square root but it’s the closest thing to a check mark. Lol.)

– ♥ Lindsey


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