Milk Mask?

Hey y’all! Happy hump day! Two more days until the freaking weekend and I can. not. wait. This week has been stressful for no reason and I wish I could tell y’all all about it but unfortunately it deals with my job at school and I have to mind my p’s and q’s outside the classroom as well.

Anyway, after a super stressful day there is nothing that I love more than going home and taking a nice hot shower and putting a mask on my face just to recharge. Doing this in the middle of the week is a game changer and makes me feel so much better than I did before.

One thing I have realized with this little ritual is that face masks can be expensive and using them frequently can add up. That is why I am thankful for the TonyMoly line. Most of the masks are $5 and under and today I found out that there is a Groupon for them! Not many are left but you can get 5 of the same mask for $10 or 11 assorted for ? because they are already sold out. Lol. But that means I need to check Groupon more often for skin care deals!

Today we are talking about the I’m Real line and specifically the Makgeolli mask.


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