Origami Owl. . .is it worth the hype?

Hey y’all! How are you doing on this awesome day?! I know for me it has been a long week and Friday is taking its sweet time to get here. There are 19 days of school left. 19. I can’t believe we are almost out for summer vacation. One thing you might be surprised to learn about me is that I am a huge proponent of year round school. We don’t have it in my school district but I know it would work so much better for everyone involved. Think about it, students go to school for 7 weeks at a time and have 2 weeks off in between. It works better for family vacations because we all know that stuff is more expensive in the summer AND families wouldn’t have to find something for the kids to do ALL summer long. For us teachers, we wouldn’t burn out as quickly as we do with more breaks. I know there are weeks that I look at the calendar and I have a heart attack with how much time is in between days off.

Anyway, not that I have throughly run in the other direction that the way this post was supposed to go, lets move on to what I was really going to talk about, Origami Owl.


If you haven’t heard of Origami Owl you are living under a rock, maybe. This is to the best of my knowledge as to what I understand it to be. Well, what Origami Owl is, is simply jewelry. You have the ability to make custom lockets and bracelets and so forth.

The idea (again my understanding) is that the locket and it’s charms should represent who you are as a person. I like it but I haven’t fallen completely into the hype. So, I am going to show you my charms and why I have each of them.

I did not purchase my original locket, one of my students did as a present for me and I loved it. She bought me my favorite color and the first charm, which is totally me.


Deer antlers are the charm that my student bought me. I feel its better for students to know who their teachers are so we are not a mystery and that hopefully they don’t assume we live under our desks (lol). My students are fully aware of the fact that one of my hobbies are hunting and that I love the outdoors, so she got me this one and I LOVED it. I cried. I don’t cry. Lol.

I got the other charms from my friend Jenny who is a consultant and I love supporting my friends in their business endeavors. If you need some stuff, hit me up. I’ll hook you up with her. She is the sweetest and I am all for making her and her husband’s lives better.


An anchor was one of my must get charms because I am totally in love with the ocean and everything nautical. I fully believe it is because I am a pisces. I also decided on the anchor to remember to keep me grounded. I have a pair of TOMS that my awesome friend painted with an anchor and a ship’s wheel with the quote “be the one to guide me but never hold me down.” The anchor reminds me to stay grounded but to not let it weight me down. That I can make life my own.


There may or may not be a SLIGHT obsession with mermaids. I completely blame it on the “Little Mermaid.” It was and still is my favorite Disney film of ALL time. When I saw there was a mermaid charm, I was all over that. It’s so pretty. I even like the fact that there are no facial details because a lot of time the facial details that people attempt to add completely kill the mermaid’s aesthetic. Also, I am sad to say that I no longer have this charm. Right after I took this picture I dropped it into a pile of rocks and I have yet to find it. I’m still looking.


Of course I had to get a turtle. They are my spirit animals throughout life. I have always loved turtles. I love them so much I have one tattooed on my back and underneath that tattoo is another turtle. Yup, love is a perfect word for my turtle feelings. Lol.


An arrow because of my favorite quote, “an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.” I have no idea where it is from but it reminds me to keep going forward and that set backs are the set ups to great things to come.


Finally, a Florida charm. I didn’t actually ask for this one. My girl hooked me up because she is the bomb.com. Yup, just through out a late nineties saying. Lol. Anyway, Florida is my life, my heart and my soul. This amazing state and it’s landscape have shaped me into the woman I am today and I am forever grateful for my home.

I will say that Origami Owl is fairly cheap, at least in the charms aspect. I paid about $5 for each charm. They do become addicting and as soon as you buy some, you want to buy more. I had to pace myself. Lol.

This would definitely make an awesome gift for any occasion. If any one has a locket, tell me what’s in yours. Have a great day y’all.

– ♥ Lindsey


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